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Jan 20, 2009
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Hey guys -

My dad recently purchased a home theater and I'm trying to help him set it up. It's the Sony HDX279W ( I know..it commits some deadly sins in regards to the world of audiophiles...but I just want to set it up for him

We have a Comcast Cable Box (no hdmi out), and a PS3 we are trying to hook up to it, and a Samsung HDTV. Can anyone provide a good configuration?

For example, should I do PS3 Video -> TV via HDMI, and PS3 Audio -> Receiver via Optical? How can I get the best sound out of this (as I'm pretty sure I can't use HDMI with this system for audio and video..so I know I won't get hidef sound but how can we get the best sound?) What about the cable box? Should I do a similar thing as to the PS3 setup above, or should I run them all into the TV carrying video and sound and then out the audio from the TV to the receiver?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Joseph DeMartino

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Jun 30, 1997
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Joseph DeMartino

That won't work. The TV will only output digital audio from its own internal tuner, not from outside sources.

Yes, you can connect the PS3 to the receiver via HDMI and get sound and video to the receiver. True, the receiver won't pass sound to the TV via HDMI, but who cares? The receiver has to be turned on for the connection to work anyway, and in that case it is providing the audio.

Does your Comcast box have a DVI output? In the case you get use a DVI-to-HDMI cable (from Monoprice or Blue Jeans Cable, not an overpriced "hi-def" cable from a local store) to send video to the receiver and an optical or coaxial digital cable for the audio. That way you can use one HDMI connection to the TV and use the receiver as your switch.

You can also connect one of your pieces using the component video inputs and an digital audio connection to the Sony system. On my own setup I can't see a difference between my Sony DVD player connected to my JVC LCoS RPTV with HDMI and with component. So I use the component connection because my receiver is pre-HDMI and it makes for easier connections for the rest of my stuff.



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