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Noob question about wiring up speakers to ind. amps (1 Viewer)

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Sep 2, 2008
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Hello everyone, my name is Rick. I recently inherited a part of a home theater and am in the process of working it into my existing equipment. I have never had to deal with anything as nice as having individual amps, so please excuse my ignorance.

I obtained four sony ta-n55 es amplifiers specs of which can be found here thevintageknob.org (i cannot post the web site, my account is new??)

I am currently running 6.1 surround sound from a Yamaha RX-V663 Home theater receiver
I am running rca cables from the pre-outs to the amps tonight when i get home.

I also purchased 2 new klipsch speakers (front surrounds) of which I do not have the model number (sorry i am at work) but they are set up for bi-wiring and cost around $600 for the pair. The other speakers came with the amps, i have 2 big polks (I think the say moniter??) they weigh a ton and only have one set of speaker wire terms. on the back(i am using these for the rear surrounds). And 2 def. tech center channels that also only have one set of speaker wire terms (I am using these for the center and rear center channels). The sub is powered and will not be a factor in this wiring diagram.

So my questions are how do i wire these amps up (stereo or mono?) what speakers to which amps, and what terminals do I hook the speakers up to?

If the model numbers and specs on the speakers are really important, I can post them later tonight around 8:00 p.m. when i get home from work.

I am unable to post links to the specs because my acct is new, sorry.


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Apr 27, 2004
You've got 6 speakers and 4 amps, right? That gives you 8 channels of amplification?

Are the bi-wire speakers made for two sets of wire to all of the speakers in the box, or is it bi-amped, with separate connections for the bass and treble portions of the speaker?

In either case, it is possible to strap the two sets of connections together and pretend it is a normal speaker.

OK, first shot: hook each of your "one set of terms" speakers to one channel of an amp, and hook that amp channel into the appropriate pre-out on your receiver.

If your speakers are bi-wire, either tie the terminals together and hook them to one amp channel, just as above.


use separate runs and hook each half of a speaker to one amp channel, and set the amp to "dual mono" or jsut use a Y cable from the pre-out to each channel of the amp.

IF your speakers are bi-amp, then you really should split the signal from the receiver with a crossover, send the highs to one side of an amp and the lows to the other amp channel, then run two separate pairs of speaker wire out to the speakers.

Hope that makes sense....

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