Noob, question about onkyo 818

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    I’m looking to build a home theater system. I’m new to home audio and this website is a great source of information. Thank you.
    I’m looking at the onkyo 818 and in the description it says, “
    ISF Video Calibration: Amazing Picture Quality, Assured
    ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) video calibration dramatically improves picture quality. Each video input source is independently calibrated to achieve the best possible performance from your connected HDTV.”
    Does this mean it automatically calibrates the input? No need to adjust the picture settings myself or have a professional calibrate it?
    One more question. Do you guys watch regular tv using the home theater speakers or use the built in tv speakers?
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    ISF in the AVR means you have (depending on the display) greater picture control than what your display will offer. Will it turn a cheap Vizio into a plasma? No, it won't. But it will allow you to maximize what you've got. ISF is not "automatic". You set it using a Disney WOW/S&M/VE disc.
    And the AVR or the internal speakers is your choice. I tend to watch the news on the TV speakers. Also depends on how "intense" you have your HT set-up and you want to watch late at night and not disturb others in the house.

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