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Feb 14, 2004
As the infamous "they" say,,,a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. So true for this hobby and especially in my case. I recently acquired Paradigm Studio 60's for my fronts, the CC 470 center and the Studio 20's for the rear. My search to upgrade my HK 320 has turned into a holy quest. My options as I see it is to obtain an amp and then a pre/pro or just get a high end receiver and call it a day.

1) Anthem PVA 7 and AV 20. I can get the PVA for $1,100 and the AVM 20 for $3,200 at my local dealer. The PVA seems to be the logical choice considering it's part of the Paradigm family. However, the AVM 20 seems way over my head with a million features of which most I would not use. Remember I'm a Noob. I don't need multi-zone nor do I understand balanced inputs, blah, blah, blah. But the fact that I would have virtually everything as I learn seems like a good move too!

2) Rotel. Either the RSX 1067 receiver or the Rmb 1075 and RSM 1068 pre/pro. Or if I want to lose my mind, the 1098. I figure I can get a piece at a time and add a 2 channel amp later. I only need 5 amps but if figure I'll want 7 in the future so get it now. Another dealer is pushing the Rotel product. I believe I would get better support from this dealer but not price.

3) Pioneer VSX55ti. A much cheaper option that would technically meet my needs. I like the auto calibration feature as well. I know you SPL guys are cringing now. Yes, I have an SPL and I think I know how to use it correctly. The VSX59ti is a $4,500 option as well.

4) NAD. I don't know enough about them. I do know that people who have it are either very happy or have problems. I've been reading the various posts and they are all over the place.

5) Outlaw is out. I just can't get comfortable with something I can't see or hear unless I order. I know about the 30 day guarantee but still.

6) Adcom. This seemed like a reasonable entry level way to get into separates but the dealer ripped it to pieces and pushed the Pioneer Elite. Recent reviews for Adcom are good. Opinions?

7) Parasound. Out of my league unless I sell both kids and the wife. (God knows I would miss the kids.) In my opinion the Halo C52 would be overkill. I just love the way it sounds and looks. My dealer had it hooked up to the Paradigm 100's and I was blown away.

As you guys can see, I'm a mess right now. I'm just looking to have something that I can be satisfied with for a good while. I need to make an informed decision for that much $$$. Thanks for reading such a long post!

Robert Todd

Mar 5, 2004
I have the AVM20 and PVA7 and couldn't be happier. I don't use the zone outputs (yet) or the balanced outputs but these allow for future upgrades or expansion. I would place the Anthem above the other units you mention except the Parasound, which would be more comparable in sound quality. I would personally never spend over 2K on a receiver, but that's just MO. The Anthem unit has a comprehensive, easy to follow manual and their customer support (via E-mail) is second to none. I really don't think you would have trouble coming to grips with it. Some people would say that it would be a perfect match for your
speakers...maybe so. The AVM20 has received universal acclaim and is widely considered a bargain given its' flexibility and excellent sonics....but I'm biased. Someone


Feb 27, 2004
I have owned Adcom components for 15 years. I have never had a problem and would recommend them to anyone. I know they had quality issues about 5-6 years ago when they switched manufacturing from the US to Chinaa, but I believ that this has all been worked out and Quality is back up to their standards.

You might look at buying used through EBay.


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