Noob help with home theatre setup

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Andysk, May 23, 2012.

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    Hi All
    I am looking for some help in doing up a new (or used) home theatre set up and getting better components. I currently have an onkyo tx-sr605 receiver that does all the work for my 7.1 set up . I am wanting to look at starting to put together something a little better but using individual components.
    Can someone tell me what components I need to look for to put something together. I want to also run a phono record player as well and my Onkyo doesn't have any phono pre outs.
    Current Setup:
    Definitive BP 7004
    Definitive CLR 2300 Center
    BMPX Bipolar Surround x 2 pairs
    Onkyo TX-SR605
    Pioneer BDP-120 Blue ray player
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    Other then photo inputs which can be solved with this
    What are you looking to improve?
    Marantz makes a great processor and there are a lot of choices for amps out there.
    Speakers have the greatest effect on sound quality. I am not very familiar with Def Tech products, but perhaps moving up the line would help.

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