NOISES OFF makes me sad now. :-(

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Brian W. Ralston, May 1, 2005.

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    So...I am up late...taking a break from writing and I find NOISES OFF playing on HBO. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

    But makes me a bit sad to see it. With 3 of my favorite actors in it who have all left this earth for the casting couch in the sky. (Christopher Reeve, John Ritter and Denholm Elliott). And then the irony surrounding death, you look at the poster and cover art and see the World Trade Center in the background.

    Anyone else get a bit sad now when watching this movie? Having been intimately involved in the creation of a musical myself, all the behind the scenes drama shown in the film just makes me laugh even more. Some of it is sooooo true.
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    There's a twinge of melancholy, . . . then Nicolette makes her entrance!!

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