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Nov 1, 2017
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No TV 'Skinny Bundle' for Amazon

Amazon users should be aware that the company is no longer moving forward with its plans to offer a "skinny bundle" internet TV service, according to a Reuters report published today. Amazon has clearly faced a challenge attracting broadcast operators and cable TV networks to get on board with its TV platform, Amazon Channels.

Amazon currently uses Prime Video to upsell online shoppers to the $99 annual membership program, Amazon Prime. As it stands today, customers can add select channels to their accessible portfolio, including HBO, Starz, Showtime via Amazon Channels, but the list is mostly limited to channels which are already available as extras through standalone subscriptions, and not bundles in large TV subscriptions.

But inability to strike healthy deals with content providers has not been unique to Amazon's plight - Apple has reputedly been a victim too. Even though both companies have been unsuccessful pursuing profitable deals, TV Networks have agreed to cooperate with a number of other live TV offerings recently, including Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV.

Despite this current situation for Amazon, it is interesting to note that the company believed this kind of skinny bundle TV service "...did not necessarily indicate the direction the TV business will eventually go," according to the Reuters report.

It seems that it is due to the increasing number of cord cutters and 'cord nevers' which has led directly to this analysis of the public's future viewing habits.

Notwithstanding, Amazon will continue to hone in on its a-la-carte Amazon Channels business with its current 140 available channels, and add 'over-the-top' services in time, while avoiding offering TV bundles resembling traditional pay TV models.
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