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    thought i post here didnt get response in Tweaking, Connections and Accessories

    Hi all new member here also just brought k/k 520 TH receiver which there lies the question.. i had the dvd hooked up video part was s video and audio part i had as rca style cable, it all worked fine, but brother inlaw told me i should use coax for audio, so next day i went out and brought the cable hooked it up, and still all works fine except now when i go into speaker setup it shows up with no center speaker no rears can't change anything but could with the rca cable?
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    Your brother-in-law is correct. If you are using stereo analog, you are missing out on Dolby Digital and DTS completely.

    I am not familiar with the 520s setup, but I am going to guess that if you do not have a digital mode (DVD, CD, LD etc...) selected, you will not have the other speakers available to you.

    Also, if you have not setup your DVD player to use the digital connection, it will obviously not be detected by the receiver, in which case, it may default to stereo output. If you have done this, you may only have to go into the digital audio setup and change it from PCM to bitstream, as well as turn on DTS and possibly set it to bitstream as well.

    Then there are the digital configuration on the receiver - you have to tell the receiver you want to use the digital connection for the DVD source.

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