No rhetoric please. Just honest advice on receiver/seperates

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    Let me start off this post with the fact that I have $973.12 to spend and not a single penny more (tax time is great for grad students[​IMG] )
    Thanks to the help of others here, I have decided that the Sherwood Newcastle 863 would be what I'm spending the money on to power my new NHT 2.5i's.
    However, I am convinced that seperates would really make these speakers sing their best (this is the part where I ask for no rhetoric). The problem is finding a pre/pro and amp combo for this amount of money. And even if I did manage to find a combo for this amount, would it sound better than the Newcastle and how many fewer features would it have than the Newcastle.
    So far I have found a 5-channel amp for $350 made by AMC. To date, I have not heard of this company though the reviews on say it isn't half bad (but once again, as good as the amps on the Newcastle?). Scouring ebay shows used multi-channel Parasounds, Rotels, and NADs for around $600. These I have a feeling would be able to best the Newcastle.
    Now the hard part is finding a pre/pro. Cruising on ebay, audiogon, audioclassics, ubid, the classifieds on this board and many other, shows a complete dearth of inexpensive processors. In fact, the cheapest viable one is the Outlaw 950 ringing in at $900.
    So...the big question....especially owners of separates....
    Do you think I would gain any benefit in going with a cheap amp paired with a used barebones processor over going with a Newcastle or similar receiver filled to the gill with DD-EX, DTS-ES, DPII, etc...?
    Also, can anybody point me to cheap pre/pro 's? Like I said, I've been to audiogon, audioclassics, audioreview, ebay, ubid, classifieds....
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    I have owned just about every nht speaker and a zillion amps/prepros/receivers/decoders. I think Jeff Hipps said that the 863 receiver should sound almost as clean as the excellent 9080 prepro (best choice under $400 used?), and better for digital sources. To that end, if you like the 863 get it.

    If you want a little more power for your 2.5s, get a used ~ $100-150 2 channel amp like parasound 800II 100x2 or audiosource ampone/amptwo 80x2. All 3 have independent L&R stereo volume knobs on the front panel...perfect for passively biamping your 2.5 woofers...with the volume control, the woofers become adjustable 8inch stereo decide how much bass you want (anytime you want). The Parasound 800II drove my NHT 3.3s pretty well, straight up (no biamping).

    The Sherwood will be more than fine driving the 2.5i mids and highs. Totally honest opinion.


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