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Discussion in 'Displays' started by curtis_h, May 25, 2004.

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    I like other people want to take advantage of a hdtv right now but the funds we have are limiting. I have been eyeballing several hdtv sets and now I have a questions for all of you: With all the tech. advances like the new DVI and newer HDMI inputs how likely is it that when hd dvd does become available that it will utilize just these inputs and will not be able to be accessed through component inputs?
    My logic is that it will only use these inputs (DVI, HDMI) due to the copy right protection and people trying to copy 1080i versions of these films. So will anyone who has a hdtv with just high definition component inputs be left in the dust? This is interesting because a lot of the more affordable hd sets have no DVI or HDMI and that leads me to wonder if it would be worth it to just wait a few more months to a year and buy a hdtv then that is affordable with a digital input? I have read that it is likely that if you do not have DVI or HDMI that component inputs will be avaiable but possible as a lower resolution like 480p.Is this true? What do all of you think?
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    And how exactly can a person record 1080i HD from the analog component outputs?

    With their $5000 WVHS vcr? Wait and see ... the fear of analog recording is a smokescreen. Why work to prevent people from making analog copies of the original when the resulting copy is inferior and degraded?

    Heck, let's just record it digitally where its bit for bit recording and no degradation at all.

    There is nothing to say that there won't be a DVI to component converter box 3 years down the road ...


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