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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Abhey Kharbanda, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I have Sony Home Theater with model No: DAV-DZ151KB, It works absolutely fine when I play FM, DVD or AUX, But when I connect with my samsung Tv Model No: CS29A730E connected with a setup Box, I am unable to listen the AUDIO O/P via Home Theater Please Help what Can I do, to get that Output.
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    I would suggest checking the menu settings in the tv to make sure the audio output mode is correct. If that don't work than it may be necessary to provide more info about how your equipment is connected. Hope this helps you.
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    That model system is discontinued according to the Sony website and their manual is not online.

    According to the specs, that system has only one set of audio inputs - analog Red/White RCA jacks. Presumably, this is the "AUX" connection you referred to in your post. What is currently connected to the Aux. input?

    If you already have something connected to the Aux input, you will have to disconnect that item in order to connect the TV signal.

    The simplest way to get audio from the set top box to the Sony system is to connect the analog audio output of the set top box (if it has one) directly to the Aux. input on the Sony system.

    If this doesn't work, or you want a different solution, then we will need to know:
    - What (if anything) is currently connected to the Aux. input on the sony system
    - How is your set top box currently connected to the TV
    - What outputs are available on the set top box
    - What outputs are available on the TV
    - Are there any other inputs on the back of the Sony system (in case the site I saw was in error)

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