No 5.1 Dolby Digital sound on CBS

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    The chief engineer of operations for WBZ in Boston CBS answered my inquiry regarding the sound on the HDTV programs . The station is equipped to transmit Dolby Digital 5.1 The feed from CBS new York is always in two channel Dolby Digital. He can not explain why this situation exist unless there is potential problem in broadcasting the 5.1 by CBS out of New York
    I receive the signal through Bell Expressvu satellite in Toronto Canada and it is always top notch quality. It is interesting to note that the ABC station in Boston does broadcast D.D. 5.1.
    Do any members of the group receive a 5.1 soundtrack from CBS. If not perhaps we should be asking CBS corporate H.Q. Why not?
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    Topic: CBS still dosen't have Dolby Digital 5.1
    quote: Bob Ross VP of CBS NY

    Hi All,
    Here is the scoop....
    The HDTV NY broadcast center and it master control, routing etc can handle 5.1 in fact it is built for 8 channels of audio.
    Our satellite encoders can only handle one AES stereo pair. That was the price we paid to be first on the block with a national feed.
    70% of our prime time is mixed for Dolby Digital. It is not available in 5.1
    When the master 1080I D5 video tape rolls in NY it is digital all the way to the affiliate. Our owned stations leave it digital and pass it onto the ATSC encoder - so it has never been analog until it gets to your home. This audio is FAR better than the NTSC network.
    CBS New York
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