No 3:2 pulldown...what can I do?

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    Hi all ---
    I have a Samsung TXM3096WHF widescreen HD ready TV. It does NOT have 3:2 pulldown. When I watch Laserdiscs, DVD's on a non-progressive player, etc. I get picture jitters on really bright objects. I assume this is due to 3:2 pulldown not being done. Is there a gadget (or something) into which I can run an interlaced signal that will be output with these 3:2 pulldown errors corrected?
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    Mar 16, 1999
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    A used Iscan will do the trick for you. I have an Iscan version 2. If you want to use it with your DVD player too, I would get the Iscan Pro (ver3) because it has component inputs.
    V2 is about $300-$400
    Pro is about $600.
    It also does a very good job on video de-interlacing. Pairing the Pro with a decent non-interlaced player via component video gives very nice results (I used to own a Pro, as well.)
    I route my LD, VCR and NES through the Iscan.
    There really aren't any better de-interlacers than the Iscan for the price.
    Although this: is on-sale for HTF members for $695. Looking at the scant specs, your TV should work at 852x480 (I think!) And I believe it can also scale 4:3 and LBX material for you (but don't buy it without confirming all this, I've never even touched one before!)
    Yes, all of these things are a bit pricey, I'm afraid...

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