Nintendo Hardware Sales Strongest

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Dean C, Dec 13, 2005.

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    The Company says its looking like an incredibly successful Christmas season, which accounts for 55% of the sales over Sony and recently released Xbox 360.

    Especially for the Nintendo DS, marketing director of Nintendo of Canada. They really felt the effects of the Xbox 360 sales launch but then it died right down and back to Nintendo again.
    They are completely different markets, when you are spending a thousand bucks for a system compared to people buying say gameboy or gamecube.

    The biggest challenge has yet to arrive. With the sales of 360 now, but soon with the Sony PS3, and the new Revolution game machine which still has not a release date.'

    In sales, the hand held units are PSP in 3rd 109,224, 2nd is DS 119,069 and Advance 427,780. It exceeds over 280 million games sold world wide. Says the relatively low price of the players and variety of games available, with over 800 in Advance software alone. Nintendo takes over 90% of the market.
    With the most success with Nintendogs, even popular with girls as well, which means they are starting into videogames.
    Even games that are available for all units and computers like Hulk Ultimate Destruction, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Sims, Fifa, NHL, Madden, and Crash team racing Nintendo has a share in those games.
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    How does the old Gameboy STILL manage to sell 400,000+ units?! It's so old you'd think that everyone would have one by now and it's not like the system breaks down easy making you buy a new one.

    Of those 119,069 DS's, I own 1 of those!

    *goes back to playing Mario Kart DS*

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