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Nintendo 64 Package,X-Files Season 2 and lots more here (1 Viewer)


Jun 28, 2001
This is the only time I will be posting theese b4 I take them elsewhere.
Nintendo 64 Systsem with 2 Nintendo Brand Controlers
4 Memory Cards[3 of them Sealed]
2 Rumble Packs[Both Sealed]
Nintendo 64 GameShark[Never used]
All this comes with original Box and The All this is only used for 2 weeks.So its barely touched at all.I would like to sell this Package for $110. to anybody or I could accept a trade also for it.Also my price is NOT set in stone anybody who is interested may Email me or Leave a reply here and talk to me about it Here is some more I have for trade. I WILL Trade the WHOLE Nintendo 64 Package for 1 Box Set such as Elmstreet,Die Hard,Alien Legacy and ect.Or I can accept a mixture of non Box Set titles.I dont expect alot for it but I do expect something worth while.Thankx
My List
The Crow Collectors Series Box Set[VERY HARD TO TRADE AWAY]
X-Files Season 2 Box Set[VERY HARD TO TRADE AWAY]
Steven King Collectors Box Set[with Cujo,The Langoleirs ,Thinner]
Die hard Trilogy Box Set OOP
Dark Soldier D
Meet the Parents Collectors Edition DTS
Wild Wild West Special Edition
X-Men Special Edition
The Mummy Ultimate Edition 2 dvd set DTS
Steven King's Sometimes they come back
What Lies beneath Collectors Edition DTS
The LandLady
The Watcher
Immortal Combat
Hollow Man Special Edition
Charlies Angels Special Edition
Any Given Sunday Directors Cut Special Edition
Spawn Platnium Series
Play it to the bone
Dracula 2000
Bless the Child
What Woman Want
Silence of the lambs Special Edition
The Ladies Man
The Cable Guy
I got lots of wants but mainly theese # means very high want
Akira Limited Tin #
Evil Dead 2 Limited Tin #
Holloween 5 Limited Tin #
Bruce Lee Masters Box Set #
Alien Legacy Box Set #
ToyStory Ultimate ToyBox #
Jurassic Park Deluxe Box Set #
Home Alone Box Set #
Lethal Weapon Box Set #
Batman Box Set #
James Bond Box Sets #
Oliver Stone Collection #
Kubric Collection #
Die Hard Ultimate Box Set #
Road Trip Unrated #
Bless the child-----------------------GOT IT
The Gift #
Enemy At the Gate #
The Goonies #
The Puppetmaster Box Set #
X-Files seasons #
Friends Seasons
Urben legend 2 pack #
Jurassic Park 2 pack #
Austin Powers 2 pack #
ToyStory 2 pack #
What Woman Want # --------------GOT IT
End of Days #
Fight Club #
Big trouble in little china #
Unbreakable #
Showgirls NC17 #
hannibal Special Edition #
Silence of the lambs Special Edition #
Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition #
The Emperrers New Groove Ultimate Edition #
Brazil CC
Rushmore CC #
Chasing amy CC
The BirdCage
Senseless #
American Pie UE Unrated
American Pie Unrated
Woflaman[Classic] #
Dracula[Classic] #
The Mummy[Classic] #
The Bride of chucky
The Omen Collection #
Dreamcast Games
Nintendo 64 Games
Porn Basicly Amature stuff
manhunter Limited Edition #
Men in Black Limited Edition #
other Box Sets#
Men of Honor#
Finding Forrester#
Steven King's Storm of the century
The Family man#
Shrek #
The Grinch #
The Ghost and the Darkness #
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