Ninja Turtles: 1/17/04

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by DeathStar1, Jan 17, 2004.

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    Just curious, but I was wondering what the consensus of the fans here think about todays episode?

    A few things where reveleaed to us today..

    A Krang like Red Utrom has been introduced. Baxter has returned in the form of a walking head, and Shredder is now apparently an enemy Utrom rather than a human...

    Contained below are further spoilers, so avoid them if you wish..

    There was a pretty decent time jump from the time the red alien Utrom is last seen, and Shredder first appears in ancient Japan. Therefore, we are left to assume that the alien is Shredder in disguise.

    This would epxlain how he seems to have lived for centuries, and is easily able to walk off once his head is chopped off in Return to New York. However, it dosn't explain why he seems to have Super Human speed, as seen in one episode as the Utrom Walkers have not yet d emonstrated that ability. Nor, why he seems to have adopted the Japanese Culture as his own, despite having lived among humans for years. One would think that there would have been a touch of Utrom Technology found in his temple, but none was seen.

    One would also think, that he'd be keeping better track of his enemies, and would have KNOWN for a fact that they where in NY, yet he required proof of an Utrom Walker discovered at the bottom of the ocean to prove that his enemies where in fact in the city..

    So, your thoughts? Is Shredder Super Human in this version, or an Enhanced Utrom?
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    After seeing this episode, I was under the impression that Shredder was the evil Utrom. Didn't that evil Utrom have a the Foot Clan symbol on one of his eyes?

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