Nikon unveils new lineup for 2005

Discussion in 'Photography' started by PerryD, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Of course, I read this just after purchasing a Nikon 5200 for $232 (after $50 rebate) at . I'm almost considering returning it, but I'm not sure the new models will come out before my family trip over spring break next month.

    The Nikon 5900 appears to be the direct replacement for the 5200. The 5600 uses the cheaper lens of the lower end cameras (not the Nikkor ED that the 5200 and 5900 have). In case people aren't familiar with these cameras, they are Nikon's ultrasmall cameras (as small as Canon Powershot, but half inch thicker).

    New features for Nikon 5900 vs the 5200:
    Larger LCD (1.5" vs 2.0")
    Better battery life (150 pictures vs 270 pictures, both use same EN-EL5 battery)
    New GUI interface
    D-Lighting function adds detail to dark areas in picture (after picture is taken)
    Face Priority Auto Focus (used in Portrait mode)
    Blur Warning function alerts user immediately whenever picture is blurred due to camera movement.

    The release date is in the March/April timeframe. The 7 megapixel version comes out in April/May.

    I do like the black finish on the 7900:
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