Nik Kershaw's The Riddle

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    anyone remember this hoary old chestnut from the 80s? the song was just played on the radio and it got me thinking about it again.

    at the time it came out, there was a lot of hoo-ha about the fact that the lyrics were in fact a riddle, with an actual solution, and in an interview Kershaw said there were hints on the cover of the single.

    obviously I never figured it out. some time ago I tried a search on Yahoo to see if there was anything out there (what a wonderful device the Internet is, pity it wasn't around in the 80s), but I found nothing.

    anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    i don't recall this song, but i still love (to this day) his other hit "wouldn't it be good". i remember the video being pretty neat too...something about a glowing suit or something.

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