Nicolas Cage Wants Roger Corman To Direct!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by SWFF, Oct 12, 2010.

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    FANGORIA: Fango got some potentially earth-trembling news from our correspondent Roberto D’Onofrio, who is currently deeply immersed in the Sitges Film Festival in Spain. It seems that two major and idiosyncratic cinematic forces may be teaming up…

    As many of you are well aware, maverick producer/director/genre-film mogul Roger Corman hasn’t directed a picture since 1990’s weird and wonky FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND, vowing at the time to never actually helm another. And though he has continued to be relentlessly active as a producer and distributor with a number of labels (most recently New Concorde Pictures) over the last 20 years, he revealed today that he may in fact come out of directorial hibernation after all.

    Turns out Corman recently received a phone call from none other than actor/horror-film and comic-book enthusiast Nicolas Cage, who told Corman he has a great script dealing with a magician who gets involved with real witches and supernatural phenomena—and Cage wants the 82-year-old auteur to direct it. Corman is now seriously entertaining the idea.

    Corman and Cage together? The father of the B-picture and Hollywood’s most eccentric thespian going Gothic on the big screen? Sounds irresistible. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes and whatever else you have two of that this sucker sees the light. Cage can next be seen tangling with supernatural shenanigans in the long-delayed SEASON OF THE WITCH (pictured above), opening January 7 from Relativity Media.
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    I rather liked Frankenstein Unbound.

    I'd watch any new film from the Cormanator......Cage or not.
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    I'll pay money to see this film at least twice.

    Roger Corman was a champion in the independent film world and a very fine director.

    In fact, his entire career has been heroic.


    I like the idea of an 82-year-old man actually being allowed to direct a feature film in the USA.

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