Nick at Night Spinoff?


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Dec 28, 2001
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I was wondering about this the other day.

Why not have a spin off network where people vote for the shows they want to see? It would be owned by all the major companies, Warner Brothers, Fox, CBS, NBC, etc and have access to all the Toons/live action shows that haven't been seen in years, or can't be aired because the new stuff takes up too much air time.

The network would be on Digital Cable, hopefully bugless, or at the very least a minor bug and no other on screen junk like advertisements and promos, and show classic shows, with classic commercials thrown in once in a while for products that are still around, if only for the nostalgic value. It could even be one of those Free Video On Demand channels, and you could download/buy your favorite series for your portable device.

Thank of it, a 50's hour in the morning, 60's at night, 70's in the afternoon.... the resurrection of the Disney Afternoon right after school....and kids, or adults who are kids at heart, can vote on shows they want to see again online, or through their digital cable box. Each show would run an entire season, and then be taken off for 4 months or so untill it's elegible to be voted on again.

This would be the perfect place to show stuff like Count Duckula, You Can't Do that On Television, Bananaman, Dangermouse, Real Ghostbusters, etc...and not a single peice of Anime on it... well, maybe except Speed Racer
. Maybe even show PBS in there and get Mathnet, or HBO's Brain Games, or Square One...

I think it would be a neat idea, but who'd want to organize the monster?

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