Nice selection with many R2 titles.

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    Sep 14, 2001
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    For Sale:

    Band Of Brothers 6 Disc tin set Sealed $65.00 shipped
    Malena (2 disc Uncut dts version) $15.00
    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea $14.00
    The Accused $8.00
    Apocalypse Now $11.00
    Backdraft (Region 2) $5.00
    Scarface CE (Region 2) $7.00
    Dances with Wolves SE (Sealed 236 Minute Ext.Version) $14.00
    Evil Dead (Book Of The Dead) $22.00
    Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn - Special Edition $10.00
    Femme Fatale $9.00
    There's Something About Mary SE $10.00
    Trainspotting Definitive Edition dts REGION 2 $20.00
    Unfaithful $6.00
    X-Men $8.00

    Here are some others that I have listed before with lower prices:

    15 Minutes $9.00
    1969 (Sealed) $7.00
    2 Days In The Valley $7.00
    Against All Odds (Sealed) $5.00
    Air Force One $8.00
    Ali $6.00
    Altered States $7.00
    American Psycho (Unrated) $26.00
    The Anniversary Party $8.00
    Apocalypse Now Redux $12.00
    Beastie Boys DVD Video Anthology Criterion $18.00
    Blade II $10.00
    Blue Velvet $9.00
    Bridge On The River Kwai 2 Disc LE $18.00
    Bridget Jones' Diary $8.00
    The Brotherhood of the Wolf $10.00
    Bugsy $8.00
    The Contender $9.00
    Dancer in the Dark (Factory Sealed) $11.00
    Deranged/Motel Hell $8.00
    Devil in a Blue Dress $6.00
    The Directors: Terry Gilliam $7.00
    Diner $7.00
    Dr. T and the Women $5.00
    Echo and the Bunnymen - Live in Liverpool $13.00
    Face/Off $10.00
    A Fish Called Wanda $6.00
    The Good Girl $8.00
    Good Will Hunting (Collector's Series) $8.00
    Gosford Park $9.00
    Halloween (Limited Special Edition) $39.00
    Hilary and Jackie $7.00
    Hoodlum $5.00
    The Howling $7.00
    Hugo Pool (Factory Sealed) $9.00
    Independence Day (Five Star Collection)$22.00
    Jurassic Park III (Widescreen) $6.00
    K-19: The Widowmaker $9.00
    Keeping the Faith $10.00
    La Femme Nikita $8.00
    Lethal Weapon 4 $7.00
    Madman $8.00
    Manhunter (Limited Edition Director's Cut)$18.00
    Melvin and Howard $9.00
    National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon $4.00
    Night Falls on Manhattan (Sealed) $8.00
    Novocaine $6.00
    Nurse Betty $6.00
    One Night Stand 6.00
    Say Anything (Sealed)$10.00
    Shakespeare in Love (Collector's Series Sealed) $13.00
    Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest Hits Video Collection $13.00
    Slums Of Beverly Hills $8.00
    T2 The Ultimate Edition DVD w/tin case $19.00
    Titanic $10.00
    Vertical Limit SE $6.00
    What about Bob? $7.00
    Wild Side Unrated $9.00

    Hockey fight dvd's:

    Probert & Kocur 2 hours $9.00
    Best of Boston Bruins 2 hours: $9.00

    All of these dvd's are in excellent condition. First Class Shipping is just $2.00 for first dvd and just $.50 for each additional title. I will ship via Priority Mail for an additional $2.00. I do accept Pay Pal. If paying by Pay Pal I can only accept this as a form of payment if you already have existing funds in your Pay Pal account or you can transfer the funds into your Pay Pal account from your bank. My Pay Pal account is not set up for credit card payments. Also, you must have a confirmed address set up with pay pal. I will only ship to your confirmed address. I can't accept International Pay Pal payments.
  2. Robert_eb

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    Sep 14, 2001
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