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NHT and <$500 amps (1 Viewer)

Erik J

May 23, 2000
Hi, I'm looking for some more advice on some used amps to power the fronts and center of my full NHT setup. I'll be using a receiver to power the surrounds/rears until I can afford a second amp. I've been looking at getting two HK Signature 2.1 amps, but recently found a parasound HCA-806A 6ch amp also.

Here's my setup:

Fronts: 2.5i

Center: Super One (Will eventually be the AC-2)

Surrounds: Super Two

Rears: Super One

The 2.5i's are 6ohm and the rest are 8ohm.

Amps I'm looking at:

HK Signature 2.1 ([email protected], [email protected]) all driven

Parasound HCA-806A ([email protected], [email protected]) all driven,

and channels 3/4 and 5/6 can be bridged into 180W. They

say bridging should be only into 8ohm speakers.

I'll probably be getting an outlaw 1050 or denon 2802 receiver to hold me over until I can afford the second amp and an outlaw 950 pre/pro.

I'm guessing the Sig 2.1 would be about 125W/ch at 6ohm

and the 806-A would be about 100W/ch at 6ohm for my fronts.

With the Sig 2.1 I was going to remove the straps and bi-amp my fronts and use the 5th channel for my center.

With the 806A it looks like I could bi-amp my fronts with channels 1/2 and 3/4, then bridge 5/6 into 180W for the center.

Would I be better off trying to get two of the Sig 2.1's? Or would the 806A be fine to start with, then move it later to power my L/R surrounds on the two 180W bridged channels and run two rear centers off the left over 80W channels?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ricky T

Supporting Actor
Oct 28, 1999
I have owned pretty much every NHT speaker and several brands of power amps. IMO, the best bang for the buck is what you suggested:

one HK sig 2.1 to biamp 2.5s and drive AC2

2nd HK sig 2.1 to drive four rears (and one passive sub?)

The Sig amps also have DC triggers for easier usability.

fyi, onecall.com is selling the AC2 at 50% off, $424!

Erik J

May 23, 2000
That's the best price I've seen on an AC-2. Thanks! I read a press release somewhere that NHT was going to discontinue most of their lines in favor of a new line of mix n match speakers. Have you heard anything about that?

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