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Jerome Grate

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May 23, 1999
The biggest thing over the internet in the world of HT is HDTV. It’s coming more and more available through satellite and digital cable. The next thing that’s at issue is HD-DVD. Blue Laser, Red laser and who benefits from it. However copy protection and lack of participation minimizes what we truly want, the best video that match our all together deafening sound system that if we raise the volume in some area may very well be a violation law. For years I had what I thought was a very good video set up, Pioneer DV 414 (one of the most revered players in the second generation of players) and a Toshiba CX32G t.v. all going through S-Video. I turned my friends on to HT with sound and definitely with the video from what I thought was a worthwhile set up. Well two weeks ago I made the upgrade that I think was the best move ever made.

I purchased my very first HDTV-RPTV the Sony KP-51WS520, 51 inch RPTV. I want to thank God, my wife for her support and the members here for helping me make the decision and share with some a complete review of this RPTV. Now purchasing this t.v. is of course not complete with some kind of HDTV connection. Well, I wasn’t ready for HDTV via satellite or digital cable and the best I was prepared to do was to purchase a progressive scan player and play it through the component video. That plan was laid to rest thanks to the upscaling DVD players so heavily discussed on this forum and AVS. I’ll try to give a complete review of the Sony RPTV and how it works with the Zenith DVB 318 upscaling player as well as other video inputs.

Some of Sony’s features:
Wide Screen Mode: 4:3 broadcast in 16:9 mode
DRC (Digital Reality Creation) Multifunction. Replaces NTSC waveform with an HD equivalent, and doubling the number vertical and horizontal lines.
Component Video Outputs (2) accepts 480i and 480p as well as 720p and 1080i.
HD Detailer wideband video amplifier has a high bandwidth frequency rating to allow a finer picture sent to the screen.
CineMotion reverse 3-2 pulldown.
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) also compatible with DVI.

Video connections:
Hughes DirecTV receiver GCEBOA via S-Video by Monster Cable
JVC HR-S7600U S-VHS via Monster cable S-Video and Monster Coax cable.
Zenith DVB-318 Upscaling DVD Player via component video (stock cables) and S-Video through the JVC.

First, the picture is one beautiful picture even with out calibration. After calibration via Video Essentials (will do DVE when I get it) the picture was even better. Did the flash convergence after 30 minutes of play and warm up. Threw in some DVDs to get myself started and confirm the many comments about upscaling DVDs. No critical watching until tonight. I’ll do three types of review via video, broadcast, VHS & S-VHS, and finally DVD all from coax to s-vhs to upscaling at 1080i via component.

Movies via VHS Star Wars
Movies Via S-VHS from Satellite and DVD.
Power Puff Girls The Movie recorded S-VHS from DVD
Waterboy recorded on S-VHS via satellite.

Satellite Broadcast.
Movies Via Coax/S-VHS/Component Upscaled.
Raiders of the Lost Arc
Last Crusade
Godzilla Monsters All Out Attack
Star Wars Attack of the Clone
X-2 Bonus

Star Wars Special Edition VHS:
Using DNR/TBC usually fix the color bleed that so plaque VHS, and on the Toshiba was bearable but on the Sony 520 it’s just awful. DNR/TBC didn’t do much on the JVC, blurred and distorted picture makes VHS not a RPTV best friend. This t.v. and I don’t think any RPTV can really present VHS in a good way. Even the line doubler couldn’t help VHS. The only thing that looks presentable on the Sony RPTV via the 7600 through S-Video is anime.

Waterboy S-VHS recorded from satellite:
This was a good picture, using the S-Video and DNR/TBC did a pretty good job with this. Not pristine obviously but the clear choice if you plan on getting the Sony RPTV. The line Doubler in the set did a good job in converting the picture to 480i and even though color saturation was still left to be desired but by all means the best medium in recording on S-VHS tapes and the Sony t.v. does a great job in presenting it.

Satellite Broadcast:
The Sony RPTV also shines with the basic Hughes receiver. Some channels look better than others simply because of compression from DirecTV. The channels that look great makes it a pleasure to watch broadcast t.v. The Sony sounds great and using the Wide Zoom on regular broadcast gives you a full and non- distorted picture. I’ve seen the wide mode in other t.v.s and the choice of Wide Zoom for 4:3 material and full for 720p or 1080i picture gives you the choice of using the right zoom for the right material. Satellite broadcast looks great.

Power Puff Girls The Movie:
This was actually a treat. On S-VHS tape the Sony t.v. really reproduce this tape as close to DVD as possible. Here the DNR/TBC worked perfectly and the Sony played the movie quite excellently. I wish all S-VHS from satellite could look this good. Again I won’t get to involve about the movie other than it was enjoyable to see the JVC producing so well through the Sony.

On all S-video aspects from VCR or satellite broadcasts, the Sony RPTV shines and does the best it can do with the source you have. Colors are as accurate as it can be and probably would look even better when I plug in the DVE.

Zentih DVB 318 and Sony 520:
Godzilla Monsters All Out Attack: via Coax, I have to admit, the Sony presents a pretty picture. Color, and clarity accompanies this picture via coax. I was really surprised since I expected over saturation with color as well as lack of definition. There was some over saturation and clarity short falls but by far the Sony did a spectacular job presenting this via coax. Lack in definition but a controlled and steady picture, good job Sony. Switching to F-1 on the JVC which is the S-video connection from the DVD player, presented an even better picture. 480i looked great and I have to admit, I wasn’t presented with that dreaded Macrovision problem that plaque vcrs when you use it’s connection to play your DVD player. Won’t go any further other than the Sony and this DVD player produced a great picture. This Sony T.V. clearly has a handle on producing a great picture from a great source via Coax and S-video. Watching Godzilla upscaled to 1080i was a complete and utter joy. The Sony accepted 1080i flawlessly and beautifully. Colors are vibrant, clean and definitely crisp. Depth was outstanding as well. I compared all three inputs by switching TV/Video button on the Sony remote and you can tell the difference considerably between the 1080i source and the coax and s-video source. Just incredible, sweat and facial imperfections was so clear and visually present and I see why there is such a rave about upscaling DVD players. Sony worked with out a glitch and presented an outstanding picture.

I was holding my viewing of Raiders of the Lost Ark until I changed the basement around to make it child friendly. Well when I found out that I was to be blessed with this t.v. and DVD player I continued to hold out until a complete test and viewing in 1080i. Well Raiders prove to be worth the wait. Opening scene with Indy as he goes through the cave to get the idol was a sure treat. When the dead archaeologist shot out from the trap, the Sony showed the realistic texture and leather like appearance of the dead man’s skin. The sweat on his face was so clear and definition on idol was fantastic.

Last Crusade was given the highest rating between the three pictures because of it being the latest release. Well the Sony held that to be true. Textures on each person, blue color skies and rock formation was intense. River Phoenix was presented with such detail from the expressions of his run with the cross to the blood and sweat presented on his face. Upscaling DVD players really shines on this Sony. The Sony did not miss a beat in producing an outstanding and beautiful picture. Raiders never, ever, ever looked so good.

Star Wars Attack Of the Clones is one of the movies claimed to produce outstanding visuals in 1080i and in my opinion, the ones that experienced it are right. Went right to the asteroid chase and I tell you this was simply incredible. Not only was the bounty hunter’s controls were so prevalent, you can see the fine texture in the hull of the ship as well as the rough like texture on the control board. The asteroids were so well define and clean I was in simple awe of the Sony’s production of this movie in 1080i. By all means AOTC was a wonderful sample and watching it was just perfect. I was excited after seeing how well the Sony 520 worked with 1080i.

Bonus review, X-2 I saw on several t.v.s in a store and nightcrawler’s texture was true to it’s expectation. Sweat on wolverine was simply life like.

The Sony KP51WS520 has performed immaculately. It held it’s balance and clarity through the best of displays via 1080i and the worst VHS. I’m not here to sell the t.v. but simply share with all those that’s looking for a RPTV, give the Sony some strong consideration. A good t.v. married with an excellent upscaling DVD player is the next best thing to HD-DVD. Imagine all your DVDs seen in 1080i, I thought the Toshiba was pretty good, this blows it out of the water. RPTV at one point was unattractive, who wanted to deal with sitting far away to assure a good view. Now I see why and what the hubbub was all about. Sony owners I’m with you, RPTV owners I’m with you, upscaling owners I’m definitely with you. Don’t hesitate, what ever RPTV you look at as a purchase, Sony will give the rest a good run for the money. The Zenith DVB 318 was I have to say the best investment I made next to the Sony. With the Sony and Zenith, every thing in reference to my HT is COMPLETE.

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