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    Along with professors of Television history, Dallas expert Barbara Curran and soap diva James Holmes, Ultimate Dallas was kindly invited by Warner Brothers to talk on the Season 6 Extras. "I went along as a Dallas pundit to relay my wisdom to the world. I prepared a loose script with the essential one liners, something about sack dresses and grandmas with shotguns - I believe that's what it was. Oh the hilarity of it all - so I thought. I spoke at length about the web site and fantastic members of the official Dallas fans forum." - Colo on his visit on behalf of UD
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    No offense to the good people at the Ultimate Dallas fan site, but this is not what I was hoping for in terms of extras.

    How does everyone else feel about fans participating in extras? It sounds like they'll be involved in some interviews. I'm wondering if they'll do any episode commentary. I'm not interested in watching fan interviews, and the thought of fan commentaries concerns me. This seems like a bad mistake that could set a precedent and offer a cheap alternative to meaty extras.

    I'm still not sure what the plans are for this season, and maybe it's too early to say anything. And I am very, very, very excited that this season is being released (it's one of my favorites). But I can't help asking, Is this the best they can do?

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    Though I'm not a fan of "Dallas" (well, so much a fan that I'd actually buy the show cause I do think it's a great show) I think the idea of having a featurrette about the fans is an excellent idea! It should be supplemented by other extras that are "meaty" but I'm always fascinated by the fans of shows that I like, particularly their memorabilia collections but also by what draws them to the show in the first place.
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    The fan featurette might be worth a peek at least once. At least that's what I've found from other TV sets that have this sort of thing. These things tend to give an interesting perspective on how a certain TV show has impacted our culture .. blah, blah blah.

    I agree, however, that we need some more commentaries!! With a show like Dallas - if the main cast can't/won't do it - there are so many supporting players who one would think would jump at the chance to get a gig like this. Morgan Brittany, Audrey Landers and Susan Howard all played big roles this season. I would love to hear their take on filming that show (especially Morgan). In fact a supporting player might even have a better insight - cuz quite frankly - I was a little disappointed by the commentaries by the main cast on the previous seasons. Too much coo-ing over this and that - not to mention they made it all too obvious that they had no idea what they were talking about!

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