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Discussion in 'Displays' started by EvaChris, Apr 20, 2009.

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    we are complete new to the forum. Just decidet last week to make a home theater. Outr room is 5.5 m by 4 m in the basement. We got a 2 m pull down screen offered for $200 NZ. We also got a CRT projector 2003 analog offered ($500 NZ) Unfortunatly we have no expierience with projectors and dont know what kind of workload it would be to set it up. We are not worried about size, would just like a good quality picture and sould.
    Could anyone please give us some advise on that. Thank you.
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    Hi Guys. Welcome to HTF!

    I'm afraid I cannot personally give too much advice on CRT front projectors other than general rules about flat brown or burgundy colors for the wall behind the screen and the room needs good light control.

    Head over to the "Display Devices" and these front projectors are a bit beyond the Basics fourm.

    I can advise:

    - A set of 5 or 7 monitor-style speakers
    - A good subwoofer in a corner
    - Use a calibration disk (Avia or Digital Video Essentials) to calibrate the display and level adjust the speakers.

    Many people with these types of projectors also have a more traditional TV for casual TV watching, but fire up the projector for sports or when a favorite movie comes out.

    Good luck and check out the Display Devices area for more stories by people who have projectors. (Dont worry - they are all nice people).

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

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