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    At present my wife and I watch our favorite movies in our small 16'X 9' TV room on a Mitsubishi 32" TV from a new Hitachi DVD/VCRCombo(DV-PF73U) with audio thru a Yamaha Stereo System.
    We're contemplating purchasing a wide screen TV and a proper home theater audio system and are looking at a Mitsubishi Projection TV and a Yamaha Home Theater in a Box System; but not being strict Video/Audiophiles I have a couple of questions:
    - I understand what 5.1 is but what is 6.1?
    - What does HD-Upgradeable Television mean?
    - What does Integrated HDTV mean?
    and finally - are these 2 choices worth the effort our are there other choices just as good or better for the same?
    Thanks in advance!
    Cliff and Anna-May Smith
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    Hi there, Cliff, and welcome to HTF.

    If we can keep your thread to the general questions, it can stay here in the Basics area. For specific model recommendations, please post in the appropriate hardware areas (for example, ask about DVD players or HTiBs in the A/V Sources area, etc.).

    As for your questions:

    • An HD-upgradable display is one that's capable of rendering HD images (1080i and, rarely, 720p) but needs a settop HD tuner/decoder to do so.

    • An "integrated HDTV" (or, simply, an HDTV) is one that incorporates an ATSC tuner; you don't need a settop box with one.

    • The newer 6.1- and 7.1-channel processors can, as the numbers indicate, widen the surround-sound "envelope" to include that many channels, while using the newer DD and DTS multichannel schemes. (Hardly any films are ever released in discreet 6.1-channel formats, though.)
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