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    Okay, I've been out of the loop for about 3 years now. I used to work at Circuit City so I DID know about some things but a lot has changed.
    I'm gonna get a DVD player soon. I was looking at either a sony or panasonic. first off the progressive scan thing, Do both the TV and DVD player need it? also if I use progressive scan then what about componet outputs? Do i use those or S-video?
    I was also thinking about a new TV. Maybe a 36" Sony Vega.
    Please guide me to what I need to look for and why i NEED it.
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    If you want true progressive capabilities, you need both a DVD player that outputs a progressive signal and a TV that can accept it.
    A non-progressive TV cannot accept a progressive signal from a progressive DVD player, but a progressive TV can accept the output from interlaced (non-progressive) DVD players. The line doubler in the TV will simply upconvert the image to a progressive image before displaying it. The advantages to each set-up really depend on the equipment. Ultimately it comes down to the quality of the line doubler.
    If the TV has a very high quality internal line doubler, complete with 3:2 pulldown detection (essential feature for film-based sources, such as most movies on DVD), you can get away with an interlaced player. The argument for using a progressive player is that the line doubling is done in the digital domain in the DVD player. If you use an interlaced player with a progressive TV, the analog signal is converted to digital, line doubled, then converted to analog again - just another step in the process. Usually most will recommend using a progressive player with a progressive TV for the best image quality.
    A progressive image can only be sent to the TV via component outputs - S-Video outputs are not progressive.
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