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newbie to receivers, need advice (1 Viewer)

Richard Ruffner

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Jul 4, 2001
Ok, so I've got my Pioneer DVL-901, Sampo Multi Region DVD, ReplayTV 4000, and Pioneer 16:9 rear projection set. But ...

I've never done anything special with sound, and I think it's time. For speakers I think I've decided on a set of Bose lifestyle, simply because of their 12 month interest free plan, so I can get the best they sell.

But for a receiver ? I dunno. I've always though maybe I wanted the VSX-24TX from Pioneer, as it's THX Select, but maybe that's just a buzzword. I can't really spend over a grand on a receiver, so any advice would be most appreciated.

Also, maybe theres a great deal on a receiver just waiting out there for me.



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Mar 1, 2002
You just said the B word. You can get much better performance for the price that Bose. Look at Axiom, the JBL S-Series, and Paradigm. For the sub look at SVS and HSU, plus Adaire. Do a search here on the forum.

A reciver that many people here have been happy with is the Dennon 3802, so you might want to look at it.

John Sully

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Feb 25, 1999
First, don't waste your money on Bose speakers! You can get much better sounding speakers for much less money by going with any number of good, well respected brands such as PSB, Paradigm, Boston Acoustics, B&W, Monitor Audio, NHT, Energy, etc, etc. There are too many excellent speakers out there name, but Bose is not one of them.
A grand gets you a lot of receiver. Right now the hot number in that price range is the Denon 3802, although Harmon/Kardon, the Integra line from Onkyo, the Sony DA5ES and other brands also offer excellent performers in this price range. What to look for in a receiver in this price range?
  • 7 channels of power @ 100 watts a channel 20-20kHz,

Frank Zimkas

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Mar 10, 2002
No highs, No lows, Must Bose!! There are MUCH better systems available than the Bose systems. My favorite is Polk Audio.

As for receivers, I went with the Pioneer Elite VSX-37TX THX Ultra. It performs flawlessly(IMHO)for both music and movies.

If speaker size is an issue, there are some great systems out that will blow the doors off anything that Bose has to offer.

Try to audition as many combinations as possible before you whip out the cash!

Check out Epinions.com for reviews by people who purchased the models of equipment that you are considering.


Apr 29, 2002
I can tell you only this, and it sounds like you are in a familiar place: I have been comparing models for about 3 months now, and I have finally settled on the Denon 3802. For under a grand (shop ebay, don't delay!) you get one of the best receivers in the over-a-grand market. Not that I would know, yet, I haven't received mine. But let me save you months of research: the 3802 posesses one simple quality that many other receivers don't, being that everyone seems to love it.
As for your Bose speaker system? I am truly sorry. You have been duped, Bose provides mediocre sound at an inflated price. I purchased a Bose surround system for over a thousand dollars, listened to it for one day and returned it. Now I have JBL Northridge ND310 speakers and a 10' JBL subwoofer. It all cost about $400 less than the Bose and sounds about a thousand times better. Ditch those Bose...:angry: things:angry: ...and get some real speakers. Just my $.03.

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