Newbie to HDTV (purchased Sony) but having issues:

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    I went to my local Circuit City and when it was all said and done, I went out with a 53" Sony HDTV. I was comparing it to an RCA 52" TV that had a much better picture quality in the store.
    I asked the Rep why the Sony TV was more expensive, but the RCA looked better. He said it was because of the video feed being fed into each of the TVs. Some were not as good as others.
    When I hooked up my progressive scan DVD to the Sony, the picture is really nice. But when I'm viewing shows off the digital cable box (made by Motorola), the screen is very "pixelated". If I condense the picture (hit INDEX or FREEZE), the pic looks great.
    I'm assuming the Sony is trying to take the video and expand it to the full size of the 53" screen. Because it's interlaced, the resolution gets poor when expanded.
    I now find that the RCA has a built-in "progressive upscan converter". I'm guessing that's taking the interlaced feed and up-converting it to progressive, hence the better picture.
    Is this a true assessment? I'm very new to all of this and learning (after the fact unfortunately).
    Will moving to DirecTV result in a better picture across all channels? Are they sending out progressive scans?
    Many thanks for any help.
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