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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by David_Bl, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Hi guys.

    I'm buying a new home, and want to upgrade my receiver/speakers when we move. I've currently got a HTIB -- Aiwa HT-590. Although it has done a passable job with surround sound, I've grown to hate the reciever (DV-75, I think) for a couple of reasons:

    (1) It loses all settings when the power blinks (Including all radio stations programmed into memory, etc.)

    (2) It doesn't sound good playing CD's.

    Is it typical for recievers to lose all settings during a power outage? Or do better recievers retain them for a period of time?

    Is it possible to get a budget reciever that handles surround sound and cd's fairly well? The guys at the AV shop I frequent tell me that I need to spend $1000 or more to have both.

    Is it possible that a better speaker package would improve the sound? Or is the reciever always going to be the weak link in my chain?


  2. Jack Briggs

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    Speakers have more to do with the "sound" than anything else, even in low-grade HTiBs.

    And the A/V salespeople want you to buy more expensive equipment, which is merely capitalism at work. There are numerous fine receivers at $500 or less you should consider, along with a new set of relatively inexpensive speakers.
  3. BrianWoerndle

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    Almost all receivers will remember their settings during a power failure.
  4. Larry_S

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    Aug 26, 2003
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    I'm no guru, but I can share with you what I did in your situation, as I am scheduled to move into my new house on the 25th of this month.

    For the receiver, after weeks of reading the forums, I elected to go with the HK-AVR325. It was $569.00 at Circuit City and gave me a "bang for the buck".

    As far as speakers, not being able to afford anything too "Elite" I took a chance in purchasing the Fluance system, without a subwoofer of course.

    Fluance Surround Sound Home Theater 5 Speaker System AV-HTB

    For $200 and keeping the 100% positive reviews in mind, I felt it was worth the risk.

    Of course, my other dilemna is HDTV, which I think I have settled on the WS65413. I wish I could tell you how great the receiver/speaker combo sounded, but I can't at this point. I trust that it will be adequate for my needs and I put alot of faith into members of this and other forums.

    Good luck!

  5. ChrisLazarko

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    Aug 13, 2003
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    For a simple setup something like a Harman/Kardon AVR-125 will suite you great and a small 5.1 system that can usually be found for $200 or so, although they won't be the best they should do alright for a smaller room. Usually Yamaha has some packages like that you can usually purchase at Bestbuy or something.

    But for the reciever the Harman/Kardon has it all especially for the price. Check out to see how much it runs for.

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