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Apr 30, 2003
can someone point me to some good review sites? i'm trying to find which receiver would be best for me in my price range. i'm looking to spend 200$ for one. thanks!!

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999

Welcome to the forum!

Audioreview used to be decent, but has since gone down hill. Someone posted the same question here and go some links:

My suggestion is this, if you're serious.

Do a search in the Receievers area on this forum for "$200".

You'll come across threads like these:
Panasonic SA-HE75....under $200! Wow!!!
Anything better than a Pioneer VSX-D711 for $133 ?

By reading those threads you now have a handful of products in the price range to check on:
Panasonic SA-HE75
Pioneer VSX-D711
Sherwood 6108
Yamaha 5540

And it even has some basic pros/cons of each:
Yamaha 5540: the Yamaha doesn't have 24-bit/96khz converters for all channels like the Sherwood does.

By then going back to the search and plugging in these products one at a time (and try variations: Pioneer VSX-D711, VSX-D711, Pioneer VSXD711, VSXD711, D711) you will find discussions on each product:
Most powerful receiver under $500
Which receiver to get: Pioneer D811 / Newcastle R-956 / Onkyo SR600?
RCA STAV-3970 good or bad?
Low-end Receiver suggestion?
My First Receiver
Please Help me choose which A/V receiver?
etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

These are usually posts from current owners talking about what they like/dislike or posts from people who are shopping like you-- and often you will find them comparing these receiver to other products in the same price range. If you come across a new product mentioned in your range, add it to your list and do a search on it. Add to your notes the issues raised in the comparisons.

Check those choices here:

By the time you're done, it might take and hour or three, you will have a nice list of every product in your price range, and probably a good list of features and pros/cons for each-- and probably some links on where to buy and where to get the best price. You will have compiled your own research, and will very confident in your decision!

Leave the search on the FASTEST setting, as this will yield only recent posts (you can change it to slower if you don't find many returns)-- and you should have plenty of info if you take the time to read everything that comes back.

I've done this using this forum several times- and once I narrow it down to 2-3 choices- then i might start searching the web for reviews to make the final decision-- but I can usually get a much better idea from the people who use the product everyday than i can from a reviewer who's site/mag is supported by ads from the manufacturer.

But start with the Vince technique of research listed above, I'll be you'll be surprised what you'll find with a little homework!

Another tip is to consider used. Buying from an established memeber on this forum will often give you serious bang for the buck (We all keep our gear in top shape, and we upgrade at the drop of a hat- meaning there is a big market here of 1-2 year old products in excellent shape at cut rate prices). Check out the Hardware for sale area here.


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