newbie questions on convergence for sony KP53HS30

Discussion in 'Displays' started by DanielKennedy, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I am wondering about manually adjusting the convergence on my sony KP53HS30 rp tv. I have a download of the service manual and I think I could follow the procedure ok, however the manual appears to require some type of test generator for grid patterns, test dots and the like. Are they talking about an electronic device or can I get a DVD with the test patterns on it? Also some of the adjustments require capping two of the three lenses. Any adjustment of one color gun with the other two capped would have nothing to do with convergence would it? Nothing in the service manual specifically says anything about convergence but I gather that it is the same as alignment, is this correct?
    Also is the "Avia home theater set up" disk worth getting?
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    Yes Avia or a similar disc is worth getting.

    Alignment is the physical aim of the guns. Convergence is the electronic compensation of the image on the tube face to get things perfect once you have things aligned properly. With a front-projection CRT, alignment is very important for different throw distance, with a fixed RPTV, unless things were setup poorly or have shifter it should be ok, but it certainly doenst hurt to check.

    If the set doesn't have internal patterns, you can use patterns from an external source just fine.

    There are a lot of things that you may need to adjust which might require various things to do. Capping the guns can be useful in any number of different tasks, so I'd probably read up in the manual. If it's not a clear manual, read some of the CRT guides at keohi, and the crt forum at AVS.

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