Newbie Question: Zoom AND Focus on projectors?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Kerry_Francis, Dec 19, 2002.

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    I am designing a house that I will be building next year. I would like to have a home theater in our family room. I have drawn up a design, but I don't know if it will work for this reason:

    Do front projectors have a zoom AND focus ability? I know, probably a dumb question, but whenever I have used projectors in the past for my computer demos, you zoom to fill the screen by moving the projector. They only had focus.

    For my situation, I want to have a 52"x92" screen on one side of the room, and the projector on the other side of the room. The ceiling is cathedral so I cannot hang the projector from the ceiling (I plan on building a cabinet to house it). The projector will be about 20-1/2' from the screen. So, with today's modern projectors, can I place the projector that far away and adjust the zoom and focus to fill the screen?

    Also, what projector would be good for this? I think we will probably use this maybe 6 hours a week. Budget would be around $2-3k for the projector (would be willing to go to maybe $4k if convinced). We don't need the top of the line, just something good to watch movies together as a family.


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    Kerry- Welcome to the forum! We're glad you decided to join our little clubhouse here- and hope you enjoy your stay!
    I think you might be pushing it, especially for zoom and distance of that far. To be 20+ feet away with decent brightness- you're gonna need a pretty good unit. I would start with the usual suspects and grab their manuals from the website: NEC LT150z, Sony VPH-11HT and see how those two would work in your throw situation...
    Then maybe read the Front Projection into in the FAQ and primer and compare some ideologies of FP and see what's gonna work for you. Then we can narrow things down a little to whats popular in your price range.
    You could also look at the AVS board (in addition to searching the displays area here)-- is very front-projection oriented, and I imagine if you start searching by keywords like $3000 or $4000 you'll start finding people asking the same question you are- and that should give you some additional models to investigate.
    My advice is to grab some coffee, start doing searches and start taking some notes. Within a few hours you should be able to have a short list of stuff in your price range to investigate further.

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