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newbie question about speaker connection (1 Viewer)

Darryl G

Jul 11, 2001
I recently bought a pair of Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cables that I intend to hook up to my Paradigm Mini monitors. However, the connectors on those cables do not fit around the binding posts on the speakers. They are horseshoe shaped connectors. What I did was put one of the 'horseshoes' into the hole on each binding post and twisted it tight. Is this a problem? The other side of the connector is exposed and I am worried that I am not getting full output from my speakers. I would rather not cut into the wire since it is so thick and I dont think it will fit into a banana plug. Thanks for any input, as I am very new to the the HT area.

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
If screwing down the binding post causes the horseshoe and wire to tip down, your connection is questionable. This may happen if the part that screws down is larger than and screws down over the binding post shank with the transverse hole in it.
If when screwing down the binding post, the horseshoe straightens out or tilts very slightly up, then you have a good connection. This is the case if the part that screws down is thinner than the binding post shank and is inside a hole running lengthwise through the shank, hitting the horseshow leg that is inside the transverse hole.
The other end of the horseshoe remaining exposed doesn't matter. You want metal to metal contact with at least the surface area equal to a square as wide as the horseshoe leg is wide.
Video hints:http://members.aol.com/ajaynejr/video.htm
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