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Apr 30, 2003
i'm looking to buy my first receiver very soon. i'm looking to spend 200 or less on one. what features should i be looking for? i have a decent speaker system its not the best but for my small room its perfect. i may upgrade the speakers later on but at the moment its not really necessary. also what exactly does the receiver control? i know the control audio yes, but i've seen receivers with video inputs and outputs on them. does that mean i will be able to say connect my dvd player, vcr and tv all up to the receiver and not have to switch between them all, but the receiver will do it for me? sorry if these questions are basic i'm just getting into this and really could use all the guidance i can get. thanks alot guys!!!

Bill Will

Dec 26, 2001
Yamaha would be a good choice & I would say to checkout www.jandr.com They have the 5540 for $179.88 & the 5550 for $229.00 check www.crutchfield.com for Specs & Pictures. Crutchfield has the 5550 on a closeout price of $319.00 & origianlly they were getting $399.00 for it. If you want a cheap receiver with the amp built in for a 6th (rear center speaker) Check out the Panasonic 100 it got very good reviews from Sound & Vision Mag. & it can be had delivered for around $240 Check www.6ave.com or fight with J&R because they will match or beat most prices. As for your question of what can be hooked up, Yes ALL "Video" & "Audio" products can be hooked up to a receiver & yes it does act as a switcher to your tv. So make sure you check the "Inputs" on a receiver to see how many things you can hookup to it & my suggestion is after you have figured out how many you need try & get a receiver with some extra inputs because you never know what you might be hooking up in the future but it is had to find low-priced receivers with a ton of inputs. The Panasonic 100 comes in Black or Silver if that makes any difference to you.

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