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Newbie pip cabling problem...please help! (1 Viewer)


Jan 22, 2002
I just purchased a new Denon 2802 and Toshiba DVD player and am trying to set my system up properly. I have a single tuner JVC 31 inch TV with PIP. I rely on my Panasonic VCR as the second tuner for the PIP. My cable comes out of the wall to a splitter with one signal going to the TV and the other to the VCR (I don't need or use a cable box). I am having trouble getting my VCR hooked up correctly. I have my DVD S cable going to my input 1 on the TV and the receiver monitor out to the RCA input 1 (Is this the right way to do this?). I have the VCR hooked to the input 2 on the TV. This doesn't seem to be working...when I hit the TV/VCR button on my remote there I do not get the picture from my VCR tuner displayed. Can anyone out there help me??? I tried putting the VCR output to the VCR input on the receiver but that didn't work either. Sorry for the lengthy post...I am confused...


Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
roy -

i've never configured pip before, but i thought this is how you're supposed to do it:

1. cable from wall directly to tv
2. cable from wall to vcr - then utilize the video out from the vcr to the aux1 input on your tv.

if you're trying to route through the receiver, then i would rate the video from the vcr to the receiver, then out to the aux1 input on your tv.

again, i'm just shooting in the dark here... :b

Marc Rochkind

Second Unit
Aug 26, 2000
This would be a bit easier if you could precisely state what is connected to what. I assuming that there are 4 input connections to the TV:

1. Coax direct from wall via splitter.
2. Coax from VCR (input to VCR from other side of splitter).
3. S-video from DVD.
4. Composite from receiver.

I'm not sure this is right... what is the video going into the receiver?

Anyway, the way to debug this is to start from what works and step-by-step change the wiring to what you want.

First, verify that what used to work still works. I am assuming this is without the receiver and DVD in the loop.

Next, add the DVD S-video, and re-verify that PIP works.

Next, add the receiver, re-verify.

This is general... I could be more specific if I had a more precise description.

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
Generally you cannot have two things (composite and S-video) connected to input 1 of the TV. It might work but then it might not. If you have just input 1 and input 2 and one antenna jack, you can plug in only three things one being an antenna coax.
Some PIP's allow any two inputs to be the subjects of PIP, others require that the TV's own tuner (fed by the antenna coax jack) be one of the PIP subjects at all times.
Also the "TV/VCR" selection on the VCR only applies to the antenna out from the VCR. For the video out jack of the VCR what comes out is always "VCR" which means the channel selected by the VCR's tuner when not playing a tape, or tape playback.
Try this: Antenna or cable TV coax cable to a 2-way splitter, one output leg goes directly to TV, other splitter output leg goes to VCR antenna in. VCR antenna out is not used. VCR video and audio out goes to a receiver input, DVD player S-video and audio goes to another receiver input, receiver RCA monitor out goes to TV input 1, receiver S-video out goes to TV input 2. Optional: TV audio out goes to a third receiver input whose video jacks are unused.
Video hints:


Jan 22, 2002
Once again Home Theater Forum comes through!! Thanks for all of the advice...I managed to use Allan's tips to get the system working beautifully. Just watched my first DVD in 5.1...all I can say is WOW!!! Thanks again!

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