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Nov 17, 2004
Hello all,

I just joined this forum...look forward to some help!!!
I live in an apartment, 13X15, the right side is partially open to a kitchen, left side has a patio door and two large windows.

I am looking for an entry level system. I have narrowed down my recievers to the Pioneer 1014, and the Yamaha 5760.

For speakers I was looking for the polk speaker packagaes. The RM 6800, RM 6900, and the RM 7200....I have also looked at the Kipsch Quintet.
All speakers will have to be on stands (except the center which will be on top of the tv)because the room is small. The front speakers will have to be at most 1 foot away from the tv.

The system is going to be used for movies and tv...and hardly ever for music. I watch all kinds of movies...action, scifi, drama, comedy. I would like the sound to be loud and clear...I do want the big explosions to sound great but I also want to be able to hear the dialog!!

I was wondering which reciever would go better with those speakers, and which speakers are better. I have heard the klipsch and the 6800 but both were at different stores using different recievers in different kinds of room. I can't seem to find the 7200's anywhere but on the internet, and I can get them for roughly the same price as the 6800's. I'm looking for a 7.1 reciever because I may expand to that in a year or two. And I'm looking to spend around 1200 total. What would you guys recommend???? Are the speakers I've looked at any good??? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Zen Butler

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Jan 24, 2002
Southern, Ca
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Zen K. Butler
dave, welcome to the forum.

I have heard a few Yamaha/Polk set-ups and the RM7200 sound very nice for the price.

Personally I would go with the Yamaha 5760 (approx $399). For about the same money as the RM7200 package, you could get an Energy Take 5.2 system(approx $799), for which IMO, sounded better than the RM7200 Polk set-up.

John Garcia

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Jun 24, 1999
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Personally, I'd stay away from any of the Polk RM systems, and would avoid any small satellite system. The tiny satellites are not adequate to reproduce a convincing soundstage, and if you listen to music at all, you will be looking to upgrade soon.

There is a deal on a Mordaunt Short system that will absolutely destroy any satellite package currently at www.ac4l.com Go to speakers -> speaker packages -> Declaration 903 system. For $750+shipping, I'd be hard pressed to put together a better system. I recently installed this system for a customer who was looking at the Polk systems also, and he is extremely happy with it. Included with the package is a spool of A/R wire and some connectors that is enough to at least hook up the front three speakers (about $30 worth of free stuff). I can vouch for the sound quality as well, as I also use MS speakers in my 2ch system.

IMO, the Pioneer has more power and roughly the same features as the Yammaha, so it's a toss-up. I'm not totally fond of the Yamaha sound, but I recently setup a system with a 5740 and it seemed like a very decent receiver with a good set of options.

Jack Briggs

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Jun 3, 1999
Since this thread is about specific speakers, it's best it goes here. The Basics area is for general discussion at the beginner's level. Thanks. JB

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