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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Adam Demuth, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Adam Demuth

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    Aug 23, 2003
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    I'm new here, and am a home theater dummy. I like this community because none of you seem like typical "I've got better stuff than you" video/audiophiles, you are all real friendly and out there to help people out. Anyway I am wanting to build a budget home theater system. I'm a big DIY guy, I think it feels great to say "I made that".

    My system will be used primarily for HT, if I do play music, I won't be sitting down listening to it, it will probably be background when I'm cooking, cleaning etc... I'm not looking for high end stuff here, I just want to make sure I get a good value for my money. I WANT all the hifi goodies, but that's not in the cards, and I don't expect what I can afford to come anywhere close.

    My friend talked me into building some TL speakers (he can help out with that), so I think that I am going to build some TL's for my front and rear speakers, and a TL Shiva. I haven't figured out what I want to do for a center. Do I sound like I'm on the right track here in the speaker department?

    I have (actually my girlfirend has) placed a $300 limit on my amplification system(not including the amp for the sub). I started out wanting to make my own amps (again, not for the sub), but can't seem to find any plans/schematics for anything that I can really afford, everything is in the $100+ per channel and up price range. I'd still need to get a decoder and preamp then, right? I afraid that a 5.1 preamp alone would blow my $300 budget. If any of you know of some inexpensive schematics/kits of amps, I would be very thankful, but unfortuantly, I think I'm going to have to buy a commercial receiver. If you could point me in the direction of a $300 receiver, that would be much appreicated.

    As far as video goes, I've got a decent 27" TV, which I can live with for now, it gets the job done. I want a newer, bigger TV, but I already have the TV, so monitary efforts will be focused on the audio portion for now.

    Again, any advice will be much appreciated. If I'm on the wrong track, tell me! You've been doing this longer than I have.

  2. Dan D Burke

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    Feb 16, 2003
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    0 has the Denon 1603 for $199 plus 6 cents shipping. I dont think you can beat that price. I think this would be a great entry level surround unit for you. I have the 1602 and am happy with it.

    PM me and I will give you the link to that has the denon 1603.
  3. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    re diy speakers. post questions in the diy forum. there's probably lots of guys there that can assist.

    re receivers. 300 is a decent budget. you should do a search in the receivers forum - recommendations are always being given there.

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