Newbie needs help with rear speaker placement

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    Oct 10, 2002
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    Hi to all: I bought a house that has in-wall rear speakers installed in the rear wall of the HT room. The speakers are mounted 11 feet up a 12-foot ceiling, and are pointed directly toward the front of the room, where the TV, center, and L/R front speakers are located.

    Is this an optimal location for these speakers? IYO how well will they sound in a typical 5.1 system, and what will I lose by having the rears so high and pointed to the front? Note that I cannot angle or point the tweeter more toward the listening area.

    I have a choice in completing my HT system. The woofers are blown in the in-wall system, so either I replace them or buy another set of speakers that I can set-up at a lower level and to the sides (as in a typical 5.1 set-up). Your answers to my two questions above will determine whether I replace the in-walls or just o ahead and buy another cheap pair of rears that I can set lower and to the side.

    thanks in advance, Mark
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    it sounds like your priority is ht over aesthetics, so i would plug the holes and get some stand-alone speakers.
    some other general thoughts:
    those speakers are too high.
    in-wall speakers typically don't perform that well period.
    they do make some in-walls where you can now pivot the tweeter, so if you really want in-wall you should definitely look for those.
    also, check this link for more info about speaker placement:

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