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Newbie needs help choosing a home theater system (1 Viewer)

May 24, 2002
I'm just out of college with not that big of a budget (roughly in the range of $500-800 if possible). I've got a 27 inch Sony Wega already (27FV16) w/ Component Inputs and dual S-Video inputs. I'll be using either my PS2 or Xbox as my DVD player. I mainly play Video games 60%, Movies 20%, & TV 20% of the time. Just looking for an inexpensive starter system to possible build on in the future once more money comes in. Thanks for any advice.


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Jan 29, 2002
You might want to add the Onkyo HTS-650 to that list as well. I am building a component system. Right now I have a Yamaha RXV-530 and Definitive SM350's for the mains. I am running a phantom center, and HTD Level III's as surrounds with a cheap Aiwa 60W, 8" sub. I have $950 in the receiver, mains and surrounds. Still need a good sub, center and will eventually upgrade my surrounds.

After hearing the Onkyo last week I wish I had went that route. I am sure I will end up with a better system in the long run, but I don't know if it will be worth 3-4 times the cost. I am sure either the Kenwood or Onkyo would be fine.
May 24, 2002
Well, not too sure. I didn't know how well you could tweak the overall sound with the receiver, so I thought it might be something that I would need.

BTW, thanks for the replies guys. Keep them coming. I've been hearing good things about both of those set-ups. If you have any suggestions that have a component input, let me know. I'm gonna try and do some more research on these system, and see what I can find out before I make my decision.


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Mar 13, 2001
Chris, I assume you're talking about $800 for receiver and 5.1 speaker setup? I think for that price you could do the following:

Pioneer VSX-D811S - ~$350 or less on-line I believe. ~$400 at Best Buy. It has two component inputs and one output and is a decent budget receiver.

JBL NSP1 package. - In the Speakers forum, people have mentioned getting these for around $250 on-line. They also seem to be well liked. I believe you get 2 pairs of N24s and the NCenter speaker in the package.

Sony sub - Sony has a 12 inch sub that is in the $200 range that many people seem to like.

That comes in around $800.

good luck,



Apr 8, 2002
I didn't know how well you could tweak the overall sound with the receiver, so I thought it might be something that I would need.
the idea is that the sound shouldn't need to be tweaked. the goal of a good audio system should be accurate sound reproduction, hence eq settings should remain flat.

i'd recommend you visit a decent stereo shop where you can hear one amp driving multiple sets of speakers, and vice versa. avoid places like best buy, or any store that doesn't have a soundproofed listening room where you can audition equipment that's properly set up.

as far as equipment goes, the suggestions so far are pretty good. onkyo makes great entry-level amps, and jbl speakers are definately decent.

you can use your xbox as a dvd player, but you will probably not be satisfied with its lack of progressive-scan capability. maybe that could be a later upgrade.

but most of all, when it comes to bose, just say no

May 24, 2002
Tom, I looked at the set up that you suggested, and it seems to be pretty decent. Could someone tell me how much of a difference it would be if I were to get that set up and add the Sony SA-WM20 (over the SA-WM40)? I know there is a size difference between the 2, but just wondered how much it would alter the sound from the system.

Gary, I definitely agree with your thought on going to a decent stereo shop locally, unfortunately the best places to o around here would be CC or Best Buy (which isn't that great of a place to audition systems at). As far as the EQ is concerned, I didn't think it would be necessary, but wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

These are all great thoughts. I really appreciate them.

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