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    Aug 21, 2001
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    I'm hoping somebody can truly help me with my HT set up. As the knowledge base is incredible and I'm hoping somebody will be able to help me. I apologize if my questions sound stupid. I purchased a Sony 444ES receive a while back and just recently picked up Paradigm Monitor 7's for mains, CC370 and Mini Monitors for the rears. So I hooked them up and was not overly impressed. I understand that they take some time to break in. I know I don't have it calibrated correctly as the Sony has an initial set up and then the EQ settings which to me is overwhelming considering I really don't understand how dB and Hz related to adjusting your speakers. I'm sure I've asked an enormous question and would be very grateful to anyone who can assist me. My friend has offered to let me use his SPL meter and Avia disc but I'm not sure on how to use it correctly

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    Jun 29, 2000
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    Take your friend up on his offer. The process is pretty self explanitory and the instructions are on the disc, so you just need to pop it in and start from the beginning. It'll run you through the entire process.

    You won't believe the difference it'll make in your system.
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    There is 2 parts to speaker breakin:

    - Some metal parts will become flexible with the first 20-50 hours of use

    - Your ears get used to the sound of your new speakers.

    One think you CAN do is to play with placement.

    Put the center speaker on top of your TV. Pull it forward so it over-hangs the face of the TV. Not flush, not pushed back. Use some rubber door-wedges to get the speaker cabinent up off the TV and give it some downward tilt. Rubber erasers and even paperback books can also be used.

    You want to position the L/R speakers about 45 degrees out to either side of the center. Less is fine (mine are about 30 degrees out).

    You want to angle the L/R speakers in a bit. Some people like the "classic" music angle that makes the sound from the 2 speakers intersect about 1 foot in front of the listening position. Others like to focus on the listening position, others like to focus about 1 foot behind. You just have to try all 3 and decide what sounds better for you. A inexpensive laser-pointer is a nice tool to help with this.

    You would also like to get the height of the tweeters on the L/R to match the height of the center. Not critical, but nice if you can do it.

    The L/R speakers should be pulled into the room to leave 2-3 feet around it empty of any reflecting surface. Ideally, draw a circle with the listening position as the center and the center-speaker tweeter on the edge. Pull the L/R speakers so they sit on the edge of the same circle.

    I like having the rear speakers at the same height as the fronts. Others follow the Dolby recomendation of mounting them up about 4-6 feet above the head. If you can, try both and decide for yourself which sounds best to you.

    Your receiver has a setup menu where you tell it if your speakers are LARGE or SMALL. I think those Paradigm's are all SMALL because they dont have a woofer. (The woofer produces the sounds below about 100 hz).

    This should get you started. Good Luck.

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