newbie here, just introducing myself! :P

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    Nice to meet you all,

    My name is Alex, and i'm new to the whole home theatre scene.

    My setup that i have is as follows

    Toshiba 27" TV with S video, component, and standard plugs

    RCA DVD player w/ optical, digital, and component out.

    RCA Hi-Fi VCR

    Sony STR-DE475 Dolby digital/dts/cinema sound receiver

    Pioneer CS-H505 front speakers

    Aura Sound LSC-537M center channel

    Pioneer S-H352F-K for surround.

    *Does anyone know how i can increase the volume on my surround speakers? it seems really soft when compared to everything else.

    Well thanks, nice to be here!

    How is my setup anyway? Besides the TV being too small i am happy right now. Is this a decent setup? thanks

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    Welcome, Alex! I've edited your post to restore the type to normal size. The larger sizes are meant for occasional use (e.g., for headings or special emphasis), not for whole messages. I've also edited your user profile so that future will default to normal size type.

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    The specs claim that the speakers you're using for surrounds are slightly more sensitive than your mains, so it seems that's not the problem...

    Most modern receivers include on-screen setup menus which let you adjust the relative volumes of each of the speakers. (Unfortunately, I don't have a 475 and can't find a manual for it online, so I can't be sure it includes that functionality.)

    Have you explored the receiver's menu system?

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