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    Hello all. First I'd like to say that this board is awesome, yet overwhelming. I've been interested in Home Theater for a while and the closest I've ever come was my old Pioneer Dolby Surround component system. My how times have change. The only time I get to tinker with entertainment systems is when they get out of whack on the airplanes.

    Anyway, to the point, I'd like to know if there are any good books or sites to go to that list home theater equipment and components, what there used for and price ranges? This would be easier for me to kind of figure which route I want to take when putting together a system. I'm basically looking for the "Bible" of Home Theater.


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    Though I know there are some books out there, I'm not sure of titles.

    However, one good way of getting some info is to go to a good specialty store (not Best Buy or Circuit City, etc) and talk to one of the salesmen. Let them know that you're new at this and that you want to get into the HT thing, just not sure where to start.

    Doing this will do two things: 1) you'll get a decent amount of info on speakers, receivers, amps, TV's, etc; and 2) you could get a sales pitch. The good thing about finding a specialty store is that sometimes the guys in there aren't just salemen, they're also into the whole scene. It's like a hobby they get paid for, so they love to talk about it. Of course, you'll hear that their store carries the best stuff around, but you've got to expect that.

    Let the pitch slide past you and try to pick out the actual info. Then you can come here and ask, "the guy told me this and this, what do you guys think?"

    That's how I started navigating these forums. Talking to the sales people, reading posts, and then ask some specific questions on the forums.

    By the way, welcome. This is a very cool (though expensive!) hobby. You're going to love it.
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    i'll agree/"slightly" disagree with chauncey here. [​IMG]
    going to a specialty shop is a great idea. those guys typically *really* know their gear and you can learn a lot from those guys.
    but cc/gg isn't that bad of a place. i worked at both and have always considered myself a pretty good source of advice. of course, you may end up with a dimwit, but i guess that could happen anywhere. another good thing about retail stores is that you can get a good idea of prices and components.
    my experiences with best buy have not been good, but ymmv.
    if you're looking for a bible, most ht mags put out a yearly special issue. usually it's a catalog type issue, with prices and specs. i don't know when these come out though.

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