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  1. Christian_C

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    Jan 29, 2002
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    i was wonderin which speakers to get for my hts. I wanted to get the best sounding and quality speakers. I also wanted the best reciever for my hts. Can you give me sugestions on which ones to buy? Also, can you connect stuff like s-video from ps2 into the reciever? My tv is like implanted into the wall kinda and it is not that hard to take out but it is a hassle. it is like a 59'rear projection. i was thinking of getting klipsch audio reference series speaakers and the strv333es reviewver from sony. Plz give me recommendations. iwas lokkin for a 5 speaker system and a sub and a reciever and best cables for under about 8,000 or sumptinh. maybe 10,000 Thanx.
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  2. Jed M

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    Oct 2, 2001
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    For your budget you can get some really nice klipsch, some svs subwoofers and a nice receiver to boot. I would suggest to spend the most on your speakers because those seem to last the longest if you do it right the first time. I personally love Klipsch, but you will find that very hotly debated around here. I own all Klipsch myself, and a pair of Swan Divas 2.1 in my bedroom, which are nice, but I still prefer the sound of the famous klipsch horn. As far as subs go, I think SVS is pretty highly regarded around here, and I do plan on buying one (or two) soon. There are many others out there, but I will let someone else chime in on those. As far as receivers go, I would say that Onkyo, Denon, and Yamaha tend to be the most popular around here. That said, I own a Kenwood, but that should have been gone long ago but I happen to be waiting for the Outlaw preamp coming out, but that is a whole other story. Also, look at upper end pioneer and sony... and well I will let someone else give a go at this. Maybe they can make sense out of what I just said. Good luck and happy shopping.
  3. ChrisMatson

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    Most new receivers will have some video component switching, allowing you to plug your S-video cable into the receiver and then run a cable from your receiver to the TV. It is usually preferred to have direct connections from the source to the TV when possible. If you have unused inputs on the TV, go the direct route. If you don't have enough inputs, you can use the receiver to switch sources. Note that some people don't like the "inconvenience" of having to turn the receiver on, just to get a video signal. See if this bothers you.

    With your budget, take a little time, do some auditioning, and I think you can have a great system. Sorry, I don't have any experience with Klipsch.

  4. MichaelGomez

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    Oct 4, 2001
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    I second the Klipsch. I am running the reference 3 series and they sound great. Some don't like the sound of the horn, they feel it too harsh. I don't, I think that it is crystal clear and maked the higher frequencies come to life.

    For power I am using a str-da555es receiver from Sony. It is pretty comparable to the one you are looking at. I think that the only difference is that the 555 has a little more power than the 333.

    The RF3's are very nice sounding speakers and since Klipsch just put out the RF5 and RF7's, the price is really easy on the wallet.

  5. Vince Maskeeper

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    Jan 18, 1999
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    While I don't have anything against Klipsch (aside from maybe their name)- I still believe the best value to dollar speakers are Paradigm.

    Paradigm Ref series are in your budget, and excellent speakers (I would suggest finding someone in Canada to buy them for you however, as the prices are seriously lower...)

    Some people complain about Paradigm being too harsh- but I really think that most folks aren't actually used to real flat speaker response- so the Paradigm seems bright.

    Anyway, add Paradigm to your audition list.

    Receivers are really a mixed bag-- many have differing opinions on sound quality and so the main issue comes down to features and how YOU think it sounds. I like my Denon, and liked my Pioneer Elite before it. Neither could hold a candle to the Lexicon PRE/PRO I borrowed for a while- but for $1000-ish budget for a receiver, Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo all make strong products.

    SVS is the sub of choice around here-- and I think there is no better bass available for under $1000. SVS is good, and especially strong at the price point. I have them in HT, and even have one in my mixing studio, if that says how much I trust their accuracy.

  6. Seth Paxton

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    Nov 5, 1998
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    I'm partial to NHT's myself.

    Paradigm does make excellent speakers as well.

    Actually you could go with several brands and do equally well (it gets to be personal taste more than quality once you pick from a good group of brands).

    One of the leading "low budget" speaker setups is the Energy Take 5 systems that can get you going for $500-$800, but it sounds like you have more money than that to spend.

    Denon and Onkyo tend to lead the pack in the $1000 receiver range, I have a Denon as does a friend of mine but Onkyo is right there with it.
  7. Thomas_Berg

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    yes, you can hook the PS2's s-video connection into the receiver.

    for the amount of money you're prepared to lay down (~$8000), there are MUCH better receivers to consider than that Sony IMO. if i were you, i'd grab a Denon 3802 receiver ($1000), an SVS CS-Ultra + S1000 amp ($1400), a Panasonic RP91 (~$440 online, even though you didn't mention a DVD player), and a nice 5-channel amp to drive it all ($1500).

    for your speakers, go to a few hifi dealers in your area and audition as many as you can. i'd say spend about half of the money (~$4500) on your speakers. some brands to look for: Klipsch, Paradigm, B&W, M&K, Definitive Technology, and maybe some electrostats like Martin Logans or Maggies (if that type of speaker appeals to you). other highly praised speakers come from online, such as nOrh, Swan Divas, and Axioms. bottom line is to choose what sounds best to YOU!

    good luck, as this could be one hell of a system!!
  8. Colin Dunn

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    Oct 10, 1998
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    A $8K-$10K (US?) budget is plenty for a good home theater sound system. At this price range, I would strongly recommend going to a separate pre/pro and power amp.

    This is what I would buy...

    - Anthem AVM-20 ($3,200)

    - Sunfire Cinema Grand ($2,500). 200W x 5 into 8 ohms, 400W x 5 into 4 ohms (which the speakers will be). Alternatively, you could get an Anthem MCA-5 (about $1,500, 200W x 5 into 8 ohms, 350W x 5 into 4).

    - 1 pr. Magnepan 1.6 ($1,700)

    - 2 pr. Magnepan MMG ($550/pr / $1,100 for 2pr). One pair for rears, and another pair for center & rear center. (Set them up sideways rather than buying the center channel, which is more expensive for one speaker and has extremely limited bass response.)

    - SVS 20-39PC subwoofer ($750)

    All told, this would be: $9,250. The resulting system would have plenty of tight, accurate bass from the SVS sub, and extremely detailed, musically satisfying sound from the Magneplanars. The sound quality will approach or exceed many mega-buck "cost no object" systems. Set the Maggies to 'small' in the pre/pro as they can't reproduce sub-50Hz bass (but then again, that's what the SVS is for).

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