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    I just made the plunge into HT and wanted to thank Steven Simon who pointed me to this site. I was able to get a lot of great info from all the prior posts, so thanks to all who contribute. I started by replacing a 30 yr old Kenwood receiver with a Marantz 6200. The remote is less than ideal but otherwise I'm happy with the receiver so far.

    Next I went speaker shopping with a planned budget of $1000. I listen to 80% music & 20% TV/movies, so that was a big factor. I decided soon in my search that I wasn't pleased with the quality of total 5.1 packages at $1K, so I thought about getting a partial system that I could build on. I preferred that to getting a lower level system that I'd have to sell off at a loss. I was impressed with M&K K-7 speakers and considered three for fronts, a K-9 sub, and waiting for back speakers. I live in a flat (apt), so I was worried about a sub with neighbors so close.

    I checked out several other brands and then heard Vienna Acoustics and fell in love. I considered a pair of Hayden bookshelf speakers, figuring I could add on two more + a center in the future, or 2 Bach floor speakers w/ a center later & move the Haydens to the rear. In the end I decided to work a little O/T and bought a pair of the Bachs. They sound great for music and movies are much better then when I just listened through my Sony 27" TV. I had an old pair of Realistic bookshelf speakers that aren't 1/2 bad (OK, maybe they're 1/2 bad but not all bad!) and I've hooked them up for rears as a lark.

    Thanks to this forum I'm learning about DD, DTS, PLII, 5.1 vs 6.1, etc and it's pretty interesting. Next year I'll add on either the Vienna center channel or Haydens, and later get the other for a 5 piece, full range system. I don't think I'll worry about a sub for a long time, but the Vienna system has great low-end with a 5.0 system.

    Anyway, that's my story and thanks in advance for answers to any of my future questions.
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    Gary, welcome to the forum.

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    Neil Joseph
    Welcome Gary. You will get a lot of knowledge here at the HTF. Ask away.

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