newbie DVD-A help - just tried my first disc....

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    since 1) my RP91 has DVD-A capabilities, and 2) my harman kardon avr75 receiver has 6 channel inputs, i decided to buy a dvd-audio disc and give it a whirl (fleetwood mac's "rumours").

    when i started playing the disc, sounds burst out from all the speakers and i couldn't adjust the volume. with this setup, am i going to need a preamp?

    i changed the setup to having the dvd plater sending analog audio from the normal l/r rca outs to one of the receiver's sets of rca inputs and played the disc again. The sound was REALLY good, warm, and noticeably better than the regular "rumours" cd.

    question is - are these DVD-a's made for 5.1 surround sound or analog 2-channel stereo? am i getting any added benefit when compared to a regular cd when i'm playing it through 2-channel rca outputs?

    sorry if this is a dumb question
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    AFAIK DVD-A are supposed to be recorded at 5.1 and for the most part at FULL RAnge for all channels (correct me if I am wrong) but some DVD-A's will allow you to access the 2 channel version of the DVD or 5.1 or even DTS/DD 5.1 just depends on the DVD-a you purchase I guess.

    My 2 cents


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