Newbie could use some input on first HT system

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    I think the title says it all, so I will move on to the details of what I am considering.

    Room Size: 15' W x 20' L x 8' H

    I am looking for great picture quality and sound in a system that plays DVD, CD and MP3 CDs (just like everyone else I suppose). However I can not afford top of the line components so I am looking for the best I can get in my price range. The total of the components I am considering is ~4k.

    I am considering a modest Toshiba 36" HDTV (36HF71) paired with a JVC XV-FA95GD Progressive Scan DVD for video. Any experience with these units would be greatly appreciated.

    For audio I plan to go with a Denon 3802 receiver with NHT speakers all around. Specifically SB-2 speakers in the front and rear, SC-1 in center and a SubOnei woofer.

    I have heard the NHT SB-2s, and older NHT SubZero, SubOne and SW10 speakers and they all sound great. A local store recommended a Mirage FRX-S10 Subwoofer, but a review I read noted that while great for movies this sub did not provide good sound for music. I plan to listen to both extensively so one or the other really is not good enough, I need both.

    Any help from those who have or do own any of the above would be genuinely appreciated. Looking for help anywhere I can find it...
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    Josh,if you auditioned the NHTs and liked them..then you'll *probably* like them in your home too. Speakers can sound a bit different in different room environments make sure you can at least get full credit for the NHTs in you decide you want to trade them in in a couple weeks. The subone is ok,but I think you'd be better off with something like the HSU VTF-2. It's $499 direct from hsuresearch...but you can usually find it in the $399-$449 range with some careful online shopping.


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