newbie 1st ? - dual center speakers doable ?


May 15, 2002
I am considering running dual center channel speakers in a 7.1 system I am building with one on each side of the monitor (47" 6x9 RPTV).
The system will be Magnepan MG12 mains and I am trying to decide on a center solution. The obvious one is the MGCC2. The alternate is dual MGMC1 speakers, they go lower than the MGCC2 and won't be sitting so far above the mains since they can be hung directly to the side of the monitor. They are also cheaper for the pair and I am running out of budget in a hurry

So... What are the cons of doing this ? I considered that it might not pull your attention into the screen as well. what other problems might there be ? The MGCC2 would be sitting above the top of the MG12s and I don't want to put it under the screen as the second row of seating would never hear it.
Oh, I already have the necessary extra channel of amplification to handle two center speakers.

Mark Tranchant

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May 9, 2002
If both speakers are identical and are sent exact the same signal, the sound will appear to come from directly between them to a viewer positioned centrally in front of the screen.

The disadvantage you will find is that viewers off to the side will perceive the sound as coming mostly from the nearer speaker and not from the screen.

If the speakers are close to the screen, I doubt it will be all that noticeable. Look up the Haas effect for more details and theory.

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