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Darrin Cashel

Apr 28, 2003
Hi all,

I know that Yamaha has just release the 040 receivers
(i.e. RX-V440, RX-V540, RX-V640, and RX-V740). Does
anybody know when Yamaha will be releasing replacements
for the RX-V2300 and RX-V3300 and what new features will
they contain?


Evan M.

Supporting Actor
Feb 26, 2002
Darrin, I have an rx-v2200. (about the year and a half old model). I bought it around february 02. It was released around october of 01. The 2300 was released about the same time last year. So if the pattern holds true I would expect to see the replacements for the 1300 and 2300 released late summer or early fall. This is of course just a guess. I would assume the new models will have up-conversion, maybe a bit more power and upgraded DAC's. Possibly burr brown although this is just a guess/whish :). I am sure they will still have 6 channels. Yamaha seems a bit stubborn to enter the 7 channel world. Again all of which I sad is just and educated guess, I am just following the pattern of the last few receivers. Maybe someone who sells Yammie on this board can chip in some more hints.


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 19, 2001
Evan is right. I had to wait for my rx-v1200 to come out and it did around October 2001. The new models should come out around that time this year. Who knows what new features they will have.


Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
FYI: The following INFO from ... Yamaha Introduces Affordable High-Performance 6.1 Channel AV Receivers from audiorevolution.com - copied in it's entirety without modification ...

Yamaha Electronics, has just introduced four new digital home theater receivers at a variety of reasonable price points, beginning at $299 MRSP. The 6.1 channel RX-V740, RX-V640, RX-V540 and RX-V440 receivers feature Cinema DSP, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital-EX, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 and DTS neo:6. All models have high-current discrete amplification for the quality sound reproduction, plus an easy-to-use set up menu with 5-band center channel EQ with speaker distance adjustment and night listening modes.

The RX-V740, with a suggested retail price of $599, is a 6.1 channel A/V receiver that features Dolby ProLogic II, Dolby Digital-EX, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS neo:6, Digital ToP-ART, an on-screen display and a preset remote control with an LCD display. Another feature is video up-conversion from composite to S-video, to provide quality picture from all video components connected to the receiver.

With its enhanced directional steering, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 offers six independent channels of sound with an extra rear center speaker that has its own separate effects.

In addition Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo 6 provide 5.1-channel surround processing from any stereo source, including two-channel CDs, tapes, VHS and LPs, and delivers full-bandwidth stereo surround channels.

Yamaha's Digital ToP-ART technology includes high-current discrete amplification, Linear Dampening Factor for the left and right channels, and low impedance drive with discrete circuitry to all channels. Also offered are Zone 2 audio out capabilities with I/R port, extended I/R codes and pre-outs for all channels. Zone 2 has the ability to drive a set of stereo speakers in another room using an external power amplifier.

Rated at 20Hz-20 kHz discrete power, the receiver is able to deliver DSP processing enabled by the YSS-938, a 32-bit Floating-Point LSI that yields 24 DSP programs with 44 possible variations. Cinema DSP features include six-channel analog inputs for external decoders to accommodate the latest six-channel high-resolution audio formats like DVD-Audio, SACD (or other future formats); four optical and one coaxial input terminal; one optical output terminal; front-panel A/V inputs; S-video optical inputs; and a phono input.

Moreover, 96 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters are used for all six channels.

Next in the series is the RX-V640 discrete 20Hz-20kHz receiver, which replaces the RX-V630 and is priced at $499. This new model has all of the features of the RX-V740 except for the on-screen display, the LCD remote control, phono input connection and an aluminum front panel.

The RX-V540, priced at $399, replaces the RX-V530 and is a 6.1-channel home theater receiver that is rated at discrete 20Hz-20kHz channels. This receiver also features the YSS-938 32-bit Floating-Point LSI yielding 24 DSP programs with 44 possible variations, Dolby ProLogic II, Dolby Digital-EX, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS neo:6, and Cinema DSP processing.

Other features include video up-conversion from composite to s-video; six-channel analog inputs for external decoders to accommodate future formats; three optical and one coaxial input terminal, one optical output terminal; a front panel A/V input; A/B speaker switching; and a preset remote control.

The most affordable receiver in the new series is the RX-V440, which replaces the RX-V420 and is priced at $299. This unit has all of the features of the RX-V530, but only has one optical and one coaxial digital input terminal, one optical digital output terminal, but does not feature video up-conversion and S-video connections.
I just recently bought & received the August 2002 Released RX-V1300 and based on my subjective review, ... I'm very pleased with it's performance and sound quality. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :D


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