New VIZIO M-Series Delivers Faster, Smarter, All-LED HDTVs

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    VIZIO, announced pricing and availability for its highly anticipated all-new line of M-Series Razor LED™ Smart TVs. Featuring an ultra-modern, ultra-thin bezel that virtually vanishes next to the nearly edge-to-edge display,

    The signature M-Series design is available in a full range of screen size classes including 32" (M321i), 40" (M401i), 47" (M471i), 50" (M501d), 55" (M551d), 60" (M601d), 65" (M651d), 70" (M701d) and 80" (M801d) and combines enhanced picture quality and an all-new, more responsive, easy to use VIZIO Internet Apps Plus™ with an ultra-thin bezel for an immersive, near borderless TV experience. The base and neck feature unique interior metal construction for added stability, while the beautiful metallic finish complements the design and helps set the new standard for home entertainment perfection.

    The M-Series units offer full HD 1080p and up to 240Hz effective refresh rate featuring Smooth Motion enhanced with backlight scanning allowing for the sharpest possible picture.

    Coming Summer 2013, all M-Series model remotes will be enabled with Wi-Fi and Universal remote features, making it easier to control all home entertainment devices, creating a better user experience.
    The all-new M-Series models are now shipping to retailers nationwide including Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.

    VIZIO M-Series Razor LED™ Smart TVs
    32" Razor LED Smart TV (M321i) – $399.99 MSRP
    40" Razor LED Smart TV (M401i) – $529.99 MSRP
    47" Razor LED Smart TV (M471i) – $729.99 MSRP
    VIZIO M-Series Razor LED™ Smart TVs w/Theater 3D
    50" Razor LED Smart TV w/Theater 3D (M501d) – $799.99 MSRP
    55" Razor LED Smart TV w/Theater 3D (M551d) – $1,199.99 MSRP
    60" Razor LED Smart TV w/Theater 3D (M601d) – $1,599.99 MSRP
    65" Razor LED Smart TV w/Theater 3D (M651d) – $1,999.99 MSRP
    70" Razor LED Smart TV w/Theater 3D (M701d) – $2,499.99 MSRP
    80" Razor LED Smart TV w/Theater 3D (M801d) – $3,999.99 MSRP
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    I'm a Samsung man myself, but definitely a big proponent of 240 Hz refresh rate with LED. My 55" Samsung has those two features, and I have never seen a TV with better resolution or just "eye candy" if you prefer. I have seen some Vizio sets at Sam's and impressed with their quality as well.
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    Enjoy the new product line of Vizio. Very clear picture!

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